First Things First

We had already thought of a few places where we knew we wanted to get married so the decision was already clear we just had to see which locations had the dates we wanted open.

We definitely want a May wedding as all other celebrations clump together and May is the only month which is free from any celebrations, other than Mother’s Day. We also have decided to have both the Germany wedding and Canada wedding a week apart so it feels like one celebration rather than getting married twice. The official wedding will be in Canada although we will have a ceremony in Germany as well, it just won’t be with the Standesamt. After debating and getting into contact with the locations, we have decided a beach wedding in Vancouver and a Castle wedding in Dresden. Both locations are beautiful and have enough space for our guests.

That was the next issue, the guest list! I have a very large family who of course I want all to be at the Vancouver wedding. Sven’s family is relatively small and we have a relatively small group of close friends we would like to invite. Originally our list was just short of 200 guests, however, after considering all aspects and costs of budgets we have had to cut out list down to 90 guests for the wedding in Vancouver and 70 guests for the wedding in Dresden. We will be inviting a small group of family and friends to both weddings, although in no aspect do we expect people to travel here nor there. We just would like to extend the offer to those who mean the most to us.

I have also had a hard time deciding on plus ones and children. Since we’ve had to cut our guest list in half, I don’t feel that I would be comfortable with cutting a family member off of our list so a plus one (who I may have never met) can come to our wedding. There is also a question with children, I love children and do believe they are wonderful to have around, however I think I will only allow close family to bring children seeing as we’ve had to cut our guest list.

I keep thinking of how people will feel after our day is over, if someone is upset that their son can’t come or if their boyfriend of 2 weeks isn’t invited. But at the end of the day it is OUR day and what matters most is we are confident in our decisions and happy. I do care a lot about our friends and family and I hope they can understand the difficulties with planning such a large event. I would love to have everyone there, however it isn’t realistic.

Next step, colour theme!



These are from the location in Vancouver.



These are from the location in Dresden.
*Photos are not mine, they were taken from the locations websites.

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