Originally I thought navy blue would be a perfect color to pull off a classic wedding. However, since we’re getting married in May, only navy itself is too dark for a Spring wedding, in my opinion. After discussion with Sven, of course, I think we’ve decided on gold and white with some black accents..mainly the suits and bridesmaid dresses. We want a color that’s timeless and classic and I think white and gold are nice colors for the Spring.

The difficulty I’m facing at the moment is whether or not to use the same colors for both weddings. Overall gold and white work for both a castle and the beach but I think navy details at the wedding in Vancouver and black details for the wedding in Dresden would be nice. On the other hand I want both weddings to be somewhat similar so our guests here and there feel like they were a part of one big wedding. I also think it will help Sven and I feel like we have one wedding and 2 celebrations rather than 2 different weddings. Although it is such a small detail, navy vs. black, I feel like it could have a big impact on our lasting impression of ‘our day’.

I really like the idea of only white flowers with baby’s breath spray painted gold for bouquets and boutonnieres. I also really LOVE hydrangeas and luckily they look gorgeous white.

Some inspiration I’ve found



Gold baby’s breath


Table inspiration, less black though


I love the idea of gold maple leaves. Suits the color theme and adds a Canadian charm.

I am having difficulties deciding on chair covers, whether I like them or whether it looks classier to have a nice cushion rather than chair covers. I worked at a gold course that had weddings 3 days a week so I have seen my fair share of crazy weddings and I saw some hideous chair covers that ruined them for me. If they are good quality they can look very classy but overall I think I’m leaning towards no. With the added color and hideous bow at the back, I just can’t see the appeal, plus, by the end of the night they’re half on half off and look EXTREMELY tacky, I don’t want that vision to be my last thought of how our wedding finished.

Theses are the chairs that one of the venues has. I think they look good with a plain white cushion. It also matches our color scheme. Chair covers would just be too white, maybe?
Is just a cushion too simple for a wedding?

Overall, I feel like planning 2 weddings hasn’t been too difficult. Everyone keeps telling me how crazy I am to be planning 2 but I feel like I have it under control, at this point. Perhaps when the day gets closer it will become more stressful and draining but I am having fun with it! When I research an aspect of the wedding I always look into both Vancouver options and Dresden options at the same time, that way I won’t forget little details here or there. I know some people think 2 weddings is too much, but to those people I ask.. How many of your loved ones were at your wedding? Did you have to have certain people there, such as grandparents, parents, siblings and childhood friends whom you could not have imagined your special day without them there?

If we had only one wedding in Germany my guest list would consist of 5 family members and maybe one friend as most friends are pregnant or have little children who cannot fly yet. If we had only one wedding in Vancouver, Sven’s grandparents, who mean the world to us, would not be able to fly as they are 80 years old. Therefore, two weddings is the only way that we can spend our day with everyone who matters to us.

Next on the list, photography!

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