Our wedding

I haven’t written on the blog in a long time but I have been feeling the need to write something as of late and today, I was really encouraged as my emotions about the wedding have been so overwhelming, on several aspects.

We have come so far with our wedding planning and everything has been so exciting! We have been to Dresden to arrange everything from flowers to meal plans and have almost everything figured out for the German wedding. We will go back a few times before the wedding to arrange the little details before hand of course and I cannot wait to see everything come together!

I was also in Vancouver for four weeks this summer to arrange everything for the wedding there. It was difficult not having Sven with me to make decisions. But with help from my amazing friends and my mother, I was able to do everything I had hoped and the wedding is going to be wonderful!

It is so crazy to think that we have come so far and have already been engaged for 8 months and we have only 8 more months to go! I seriously cannot wait to marry Sven and celebrate with those closest to us!

Although the wedding planning has been so exciting and fun to see our dream day come to life. It also comes with some serious headaches!

One being planning the seating. We have a maximum capacity at both venues and are about two people short of maximum capacity at both weddings, that’s just with our close friends and family, no guests. Therefore, it makes it hard to figure out where everyone will go and how to say no to people when they ask if they can bring their partner (although it states on the invitations exactly who is invited).

The second thing, and this is a BIG headache, is people giving us their opinion. I of all people am one to have an opinion, but as I am an adult, I know that my opinion is not always welcome. I’m not just talking about suggesting that we have smaller center pieces or inviting that long lost cousin, I’m talking telling us that we should not have invited so and so, or that the colours that we chose are NOT suitable for weddings, or the latest, it is completely rude not to allow boyfriends or girlfriends to come to the wedding. I get it, that is your opinion, but please keep it to yourself. This is our wedding, we want the people we love most there, whether or not you like them, love them, or live with them is none of our concern. If we feel they are special to us, they will get an invitation, if not, they won’t. As we are nearing maximum capacity, we want only those there who matter most to us, any partner that you would like to accompany you is more than welcome to come once the dancing starts, as we won’t need to be seated anymore.

Lastly, it is irrelevant what you think of our wedding colours. It is, after all, our day and we have to do what we think will make our wedding day our dream day. Sven and I have made every decision together and we support each other’s opinions and thoughts about the day, not every other persons. Of course we want our guests to have the best time at our weddings and to thoroughly enjoy themselves, but I’m sure you can still have a good time if our flowers are white and our dresses are black.

Although I strongly feel that we don’t have to justify ourselves, as it is, after all, our wedding. I do feel that I have to get these thoughts out of my head, or else we will change plans all together and elope somewhere (just kidding mom..)

In the end, we cannot wait to marry each other and celebrate with all of the people we love, in both countries. These moments will not spoil the excitement of planning our wedding and we will continue do make our decisions how we have been and we are sure that our guests will have a great time at both weddings!


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