Wedding Story-Part 2

So, after our first wedding in Germany, we jetted off to Vancouver the next morning for our second wedding (6 days afterwards) in Vancouver. Of course we had a lot of things to get done, sights to see with out of town guests and wedding details to finish, on top of all the mishaps that were coming up.

The day of the wedding went by way too fast. It was a Friday afternoon wedding, traditional Canadian/American schedule and thinking back, we would have definitely planned it longer than what we had. We had around 100 guests (I have a very big family) and in the 6 hours we had for the wedding, it didn’t seem like we had enough time to greet everyone the way we wanted.

The day started with hair and makeup with the girls, and shortly before the ceremony my husband and I met for more first look photos, it was still really nice, since I had a different dress and a veil (which I didn’t have in Germany) but wasn’t as special as the first time he saw me in my wedding dress. We had photos done on the beach and around the venue before the guests arrived. The ceremony started at 6:00 and was quite short -exactly what we wanted. The weather was perfect, which can be difficult if you’ve been to Vancouver before, you know it ALWAYS rains there; and since we were having an outdoor wedding, it could have turned ugly. But we were lucky and had wonderful weather. After the ceremony we had a cocktail hour while we took pictures with our family. Then we had dinner, speeches and ended the night with a lot of dancing! Again, we didn’t want the night to end, but we were more than excited to go on our honeymoon the next day!

Again, as there are so many wonderful moments that happened, I will leave it to the pictures to describe it.

Stay tuned for a wedding detail post which will be just about the decor, outfits and food and drink details we decided.





























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