Minimalist Maternity Wardrobe

I had every intention to have a cute, minimalist, stylish wardrobe when I got pregnant (doesn’t every woman?)-until it came time to actually find clothes.

Of course, before I got pregnant I had never looked into maternity clothes, but now that the time has come, trying to find things that are comfortable, flattering and aren’t overly expensive (with an ever expanding belly that will soon be back to normal, I am not keen to spend an arm and a leg on clothes) has been dreadful.

Of course, I am able to fit into things that I had before pregnancy, if they’re stretchy, but there is no chance my pants are going to fit at this stage, my dresses have all shortened by a few inches (thank you extra butt and bump) and as of last month, my winter jacket can no longer do up.

So what is a girl to do? Revamp a minimalist style maternity wardrobe. I like to stick to black, white, greys and neutral colours. I will add in some striped or a very minimal pattern but generally stick to stripes and solid colours. I like to find pieces that will work together to create a few different outfits. I don’t get too flashy with texture or material as I find it draws the eye to the wrong places, instead, I opt for a few staple pieces to wear with my minimalist wardrobe (think nice shoes or a staple piece of jewelry).

I have probably ordered about 100 articles of clothing online, only to return 99 of them. I have resorted to actually going into shops, which I don’t usually do, because nothing I have ordered online fits properly.

So far some of the shops that I have been most successful with are H&M and ASOS. I have also found other pieces (dresses and tops) from other stores which have a nice stretch to them. A store that I have been extremely successful with stretchy non maternity clothes is Aritzia, these are pieces I don’t mind investing a little more into as I hope to wear them again once the bump is gone.

Here are some pieces I have bought and liked in the past few months.

minimalist maternity wardrobe123


Grey top // Striped Dress // Grey Dress // Blue Jeans // White top // Black Tights  // Striped top // Black Jacket

What shops am I missing out on, any good maternity lines that I haven’t found?

For those mommies-to-be who want to look good over the holidays, stay tuned for a holiday maternity fashion post!

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