Prenatal Vitamins


This may not be a post that everyone is dying to read, but if you’re anything like me (pregnant for the first time and unsure of a lot) this may be just up your alley!

First off, I have been taking some prenatal vitamins for a while in anticipation that we would get pregnant. It wasn’t a real prenatal vitamin, but a folic acid supplement with a few extra vitamins in it (the actual one is listed below).

Additional to the prenatal vitamins, I have been taking gelatin capsules for about a year now and they have proven to do wonders. In short, gelatin helps your joints (good if you are at the gym often) plus they aid in hair growth, nail growth and are also known to help you loose weight (which I was doing the year leading up to our wedding, more on that in another post). I will get around to doing a full post on gelatin capsules but for now, trust me, they’re gold!

Once I found out I was pregnant, I looked into what both my body and baby needed. I switched to Femibion for my folic acid and general things that the baby and my body need. I also started taking iron supplements because I do not eat red meat and knew that it would be an uphill battle if I didn’t get a head start. I also incorporated biotin, zinc, and magnesium into my daily intake.

Here’s why:
First, I chose Femibion (1 and 2 for both stages) because it has  the recommended dose of folic acid, B-vitamins, vitamin A, C, D and E, some Biotin, some Nacin, some Pantothenic acid, some Beta-carotene, some Magnesium, some Iron, some Zinc, some Iodine, and some Copper. Additional to all that the little pink pill packs, there is an extra extra capsule with polyunsaturated fatty acid DHA and vitamin E. This particular prenatal vitamin is also recommended while breast feeding which I really like.

Here’s what some of those vitamins do:
Vitamin B1 – is necessary for the carbo-hydrate metabolism and energy supply. Vitamin B2 – for the entire energy metabolism. Vitamin B6 – for the protein metabolism. Vitamin B12 – for blood formation and a healthy nervous system. Vitamin E – protects the body cells against so-called free radicals.

So I know that Femibion has some iron, biotin, zinc and magnesium in it but there wasn’t enough to keep this train going, so I added more (be sure to consult your doctor before adding any additional supplements, this is just what works for me).

So iron, because, obviously my body had 50% more blood capacity, and without eating red meat I wouldn’t have been able to have enough iron.

Zinc I added because I was getting really bad headaches at the beginning of my second trimester and honestly, haven’t had a single headache since incorporating a small little zinc tablet. Zinc is also necessary for the production, repair, and functioning of DNA. So getting enough zinc is particularly important for the rapid cell growth that occurs during pregnancy. This essential mineral also helps support your immune system, maintain your sense of taste and smell, and heal wounds. So I would say it’s quite important.

Magnesium, well, I had started getting some uncomfortable pains in my lower abdomen around 15 weeks and my doctor suggested magnesium, since then, I have not had a single ache or pain -anywhere! Magnesium also helps build strong bones and teeth, not just for the baby, but ensures that the baby isn’t taking it all from you, regulates insulin and blood sugar levels, and helps certain enzymes function. It also helps control cholesterol and irregular heartbeats and is helpful in reducing muscle cramps.The main thing it does is rebuilt your bodies tissue.

So, I’m sure to most people this seems like A LOT of pills to take, but I have honestly not had any cramps, pains, aches or issues during my pregnancy. I am now 33 weeks and sleep throughout the night, and can do moderate exercise and am able to really enjoy all that pregnancy offers. I have heard horror stories (haven’t we all) about women throughout pregnancy and I can happily say, my pregnancy has been a breeze and although I think my body and genetics play a big role in that, a healthy lifestyle and making sure my body has all it needs definitely has helped!

What are you mama-to-be’s taking to make sure your bodies are running well? Am I missing out on anything!?

Here are the links to what I am taking exactly:

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