The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

As you know, we got married this past year and one of the funnest parts of wedding planning was picking out bridesmaids gifts. They helped me so much with the planning of the weddings that I knew their gifts had to be great to show them how much I appreciated all their effort and help, plus, I LOVE getting gifts for others which I know they will love.

I absolutely LOVE Kate Spade (who doesn’t?!) for bridesmaids gifts, they have the cutest idiom line that are great ideas for keepsake pieces. I also love gold, if you didn’t notice from our wedding colours -gold, white and black, so anything gold, white or black was a contender for the gift.

I knew I really wanted to get some kimono’s for the girls as we were having the hair stylist and makeup artist come to the hotel and wanted cute pictures of us getting ready. I also knew I wanted to get them some jewelry which was similar to mine. They had one sided over the shoulder black dresses so necklaces were out and I ended up going with tear drop diamond and gold earrings which looked lovely with their hair pulled back.

I also got my bridesmaids little golden clutches to keep some of their things in for the evening. I don’t think they ended up using them throughout the night but I am happy they have them to use in the future and, hopefully, be reminded of the awesome time they had at our wedding!

I am all for getting your wedding party small gifts to show them they are appreciated, not only do they end up putting in a lot of effort to help, but they also have invested money into different aspects, clothes, shoes, hair and makeup. For us, some of them even flew across the world to be with us, so it was important for us to thank them with something special that they could use once the wedding was over.

Here are the items that I was debating about getting:

Bridesmaid gift

Long Kimono // Gold Clutch // Statement Earrings // Luggage Tag //Heart of gold Bangle // Passport Holder // Sparkly Clutch // Satin cover up // Best Friend Ever Bangle // Crystal linear earrings


But in all honesty, weddings are EXPENSIVE, so if you can’t afford much, don’t worry about it. No one joins a wedding party for the gifts, they are there to help and support you on your big day. What matters is that you let them know you appreciate them, how you show them that can be a little something or a heartfelt letter. I also wrote letters to each of my bridesmaids and read them to them before we went to the venue (I wanted to write them in cards, but ran out of time, not surprisingly).  But in the end, I think they know how much I appreciated all that they did for us!

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