New Year, New Achievements

New Year

What would be a post on January 31st, if not a post about New Years resolutions. Well, actually, I am not one for New Years Resolutions, I feel that you should start becoming the person you want right now, not wait for a specific day to make a change for the better, however, I understand the psychological aspect of a fresh start, so if New Years resolutions are for you, then, I wish the best for you!

If you’re like me, you will have some ideas of things you want to kick ass in in the New Year, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t been already working towards them now.

Some of my goals which I will continue into the new year are, of course, working on my blog, becoming (and kicking ass at) being a new mom, buying a house, learning a new language (I am on the fence, should it be something completely different, like Mandarin, or something along the lines of what I already know, such as Spanish or Italian -thoughts?), improve my French and German and start my MBA.

Here’s how I plan to accomplish my goals (because a goal without a plan is just a sentence.)

Maximize my blog: by this I really mean focus. I work full time as an operations manager for a large international company, of course I will continue working at my job but I am really passionate about my blog and making it all it can be. Therefore, while I am on maternity leave I plan on really going full force with my blog. Get it out there, increase daily views and write about things I am truly passionate about. I would also really love to do a few posts from other bloggers who I really admire, so if you’re into Power Women, watch this space for some interviews from some powerful women I admire.

Becoming a mother: this will happen regardless, however, I really want to be a great mother. I don’t mean become an organic machine who won’t let my child eat sugars (if this is your idea of a great mother, awesome!) but I mean I want to be present in my child’s life. I want him to feel that his opinion and voice is as important as anyone else’s and that he can count on me for anything that he needs in his life. I want to help him become the person he wants to be and this means NOT being a hovering helicopter who guides him and takes away his independence. I really want to encourage him to be himself and explore knowing that I will be there should he need me.

Buying a house: this is self explanatory, we are searching at the moment and are hopeful that we will find the perfect place!

Learn a new language: this is something I have been keen to do since I mastered my third language. I love languages and am always interested in others, originally, I wanted to learn Luxembourgish as we live on the boarder, however, it is such a small country, it wouldn’t really do me any justice to learn the language. Therefore, I am torn between Mandarin, Spanish or Italian. I am leaning towards Spanish and plan on learning in the evening while our son sleeps (I am a self taught learner so I would study at home, online) -this also goes with bettering my German and French.

Start my MBA: I plan on going back to work part time after 6 months of maternity leave, and I will also start my MBA part time online. With my husbands support, I am more than capable of achieving this goal!

There we have it, my action plan. I also figure that writing it for the world to see should be some sort of motivation, right? Let’s see in 6 months!

Of course there are a few other things I plan on acting upon in the New Year, but you will have to stay tuned to find out what they are!

What are your New Year’s, New Achievement thoughts? Anything you want to act upon in 2016?



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