Easy Naan Bread



This recipes is one of my favorites for an easy naan bread that goes with everything. It takes about 30 minutes to make and can accompany just about anything!!

Here’s what you will need for 8 pieces:

2 cups of flour

1 Tablespoon of oil

1 Tablespoon of baking soda

1 cup of Greek yogurt

1/4 cup of water

image6 (1)

Mix the flour and baking soda.


In a separate bowl, mix the Greek yogurt with the olive oil.


Add the Greek yogurt mixture into the flour mixture and mix until the dough starts to form. You will need to add the water bit by bit until the dough comes together but isn’t too sticky.


Once the dough is formed, roll it out on some flour into a log shape. Cut the log into 8 pieces. Turn your stove on high with a pan that has a lid. Let the pan heat up while you do the next step.


Gently roll out the balls of dough using a rolling pin, I only roll once or twice and then use my hands to make them bigger. You don’t want to push too hard with the rolling pin.


Take your rolled our dough and place it in the already heated pan. Place the lid on the pan as soon as you have put the piece in and continue rolling our your next ball. after about 3 minutes (depending on how hot your pan is) flip it over and place the lid on. Continue this step until you have cooked all 8 pieces!

You may have to turn your stove down if your pan gets too hot, be sure to judge by the colour the dough is turning. Usually it appears just as the fire oven cooked naan with darker circles on it.


Serve it warm and enjoy!


Let me know what you think in the comments! xo

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