Face Routine


I have to say, when I was younger I was that girl who didn’t care about proper makeup removal or face cream. I know, I know, gasp, how horrible.

Coming into my 20’s I started to really realize how bad it could be for my skin and started a regular beauty routine. Of course, in the past years it has changed and I have finally found products and routines that work wonders for my skin.

Being on birth control for the past 10+ years I had flawless skin (thank you hormones) when we started to think about having children, I stopped taking the hormones and noticed my skin rebel. It was a tough 6 months or so trying to find products that worked for my ever so sensitive skin. Yes, this time was leading up to my wedding and I was getting seriously anxious to solve the skin dilemma before the big day.

Then of course the next big uproar of my skin was getting pregnant, yet again, my skin and hormones changed. So I had to adapt once again.

So, the first tip I have is NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE! It took me so long to really stop the habit of touching my face, but since not touching my face, I have noticed a huge difference. This also applies to applying makeup, make sure you’re using brushes or other told to apply it, don’t use your hands.

So for products, one product I absolutely love and will go back to it after my pregnancy is night cream with retinol in it. You can never start too early to fight signs of aging, and since the trend when I was younger was tanning beds, my skin needs all the help it can get!

I have tried a few different products with retinol in them, but as I said, my skin is very sensitive (and naturally fair) and have found that the L’Oreal Revitalift day and night cream work really well with my skin.

But of course, retinol creams are not safe to use during pregnancy, so for now, I have nixed it from my routine.

As you’ve heard me mention a time or two, I am really into all natural, no chemical products to use in our home and bodies (of course I am not over the top crazy about it, but if it can be avoided I like to try natural products) so most of my beauty routine is organic products or products you buy from the grocery store.

So here’s what I use:

Every night I slather my face in coconut oil, rub it in and let it works it magic for a few minutes. This also applies to nights when I have makeup, coconut oil is an amazing makeup remover and leaves your skin feeling dewy, not dried out! It also fights bacteria which can be festering causing blackheads and pimples. More on coconut oil and its benefits here.

After taking the coconut oil off with a dry makeup pad I wash my face (staying clear from the eyes) with lemon juice. I coat a cotton swab with lemon juice and rub it around my face. This does a few things, first, lemon juice is a phenomenal toner. It works to tighten your skin naturally, without any added chemicals. Lemon juice also cleanses out any bacteria in your pores and lastly, what I like most about it, it lightens your skin. If you have had pimples which have caused scars or have redness in your skin, using lemon juice will get rid of it and help your skin have an overall even tone. I have noticed the redness from those hormone pimples go away within about a month, so it doesn’t work overnight, but consistency is your friend here and you will notice your skin glowing after a few uses! If you have darker skin, lemon juice may cause a bleaching effect and may not be even, so please consult a dermatologist before using lemon juice on your face.

Good, so after the lemon juice (I let it sit for a few minutes) then wash it off with water -don’t leave the lemon juice on overnight, it will cause more damage than good.

Then before bed I would normally apply Revitalift, but during pregnancy I have been using organic face cream and have really liked it, but am looking forward to using Revitalift again!

Once a week I also scrub my face with sugar -and I mean get my face wet, poor sugar on my hands and scrub my face for a few minutes. It is so refreshing!!

Afterwards and in the morning I apply my face cream and put on my makeup!

Tell me if I’m missing any natural products I could be using! I don’t want to miss out!

Thanks for reading! Xo

7 thoughts on “Face Routine

  1. I love putting coconut oil all over my face at night- I don’t even wash it off! It has truly transformed my skin! I need to try lemon for a toner- great tip!


    1. Good question! Because I used the coconut oil as makeup remover I take it off to take the makeup off, if I find my face is dry I will of course put some oil on over night.

      I’m not sure about adding vit c, I’ll have to look into it and get back to you!

      Thanks for reading! Xo


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