Acupuncture -Part V

So it’s Tuesday again, that means another acupuncture update. 

I have to say, I am secretly hoping that this was my last time. We are SO ready for this little boy to join us. 

So we really tried to induce me this time, while reducing the swelling in my hands. She put in a few more than last time but in general the same spots -ankles, toes, feet, lover legs, hands, wrists, belly and back. The ones in my belly really pinched and the ones in my back started to pinch after 15 minutes or so. 

She said that they all went in well which means that my body should we on its way. I haven’t had any symptoms of labor though which is really frustrating. 

Over the holidays I ended up losing my mucus plug, had frequent bathroom trips -if you know what I mean, was feeling really ill, had a day with so much energy followed by fatigue, every symptom in the book, I had it, then after New Year’s Eve, they all went away. Which is so frustrating!! 

Now I don’t have any symptoms and today at my doctors appointment, he informed me that my cervix is still closed -bummer.

So I’m really not too sure what to think of acupuncture. I have had 5 rounds now, obviously this is part 5 after all, but nothing has happened. It may make my delivery shorter (here’s to hoping) but who knows. 

On a side note, another woman from my prenatal group (whos due date was 2 days after mine) went into labor 3 days ago. She said that her water broke, she started having contractions, after 16 hours of horrible contractions and pain (doesn’t seem short to me) she ended up having an emergency c-section. Which, out here in Germany, means they put you to sleep and you get a C-section. This sounds like the absolute worst option, for one, you don’t get to see your sweet babe in those precious first minutes, you don’t get to hear their first cry, and your unconscious for the first 2 or 3 hours of your babies life. No thanks! So anyways, here’s to hoping that the acupuncture helps reduce labor time, but we will soon find out, hopefully! 

So now, my options are becoming real. I am 5 days away from my due date and have to start thinking of the next step. So, first, I am terribly afraid of pitocin (any experience with it is greatly appreciated!) I’ve heard that the contractions are insanely painful (so you likely need an epidural, which I don’t want) and your body and the baby become stressed, which is obviously not good and leads to emergency c-sections. Again, no way! 

My doctor said I have to get induced as of February 7th, which scares me as its nearing closer. So I have done some research into a membrane sweep, which I think I will try first. Then if that doesn’t work they will apply cervical gel, and if that doesn’t work they would try pitocin. 

Living in Germany, you can also have an elective C-section anytime past 37 weeks, so I was also considering a C-section on my due date if he hasn’t come by then -of course trying the sweep and gel first. But of course, that isn’t ideal, with recovery, having more babies via C-section and of course breast feeding. 

So fingers crossed he decides to make it out on his own rather than help. Fingers crossed.

Any experience with inducing/C-section natural birth? I’m all ears! 
Thanks for reading! Xo

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