Birth story 

As I mentioned yesterday, today I am sharing the birth story or our son Owen, born on February 4th. It was nothing like I had envisioned, a million times harder and scarier but holding our baby boy for the first time was the most magical moment of my life.

So here it is..

On Monday the 1st of February I went for a routine appointment at the gynecologist. He told me I was still only 2 cm dilated and that the baby was in the wrong position to put pressure on my cervix to start labour. 

So after a day of me crying because I was afraid of what would happen, I called the hospital to see what they suggested. They said that I should come in on Tuesday the 2nd at 11:00 to have a look. so we did just that. We met with the doctor who told us he was in a perfect position, things looked great and we just had to continue to wait. Not really what we wanted to hear (the waiting) but we were happy that he was healthy.

He checked my cervix and I was still only 2 cm dilated. 

On Tuesday evening around 6:00 I started having contractions, they we’re intense and every 10-15 minutes regularly. We decided to stay home and relax until they got closer together. Tuesday night I didn’t sleep much because of the pain and Wednesday was the same. No progress but things also didn’t slow down. 

At 6:00 on Wednesday the 3rd my contractions got really bad and closer together (5 minutes apart) so we went to the hospital. The midwife told us that we had some time to go and that I was only 3 cm dilated and could go back home if I wanted to relax until things progressed. 

Once we got home, it got really intense. The contractions were stronger and more painful and closer together. My husband was amazing the entire time. He held my hand and helped me with every contraction. He was so amazing. I couldn’t have gone through it with out his help!!

  As we were laying in the dark cuddling together, at 2:00 on the 4th, I instantly felt wet. I told my husband that I thought my water had broken and he turned on the light. It wasn’t my water, it was fresh blood, a lot of it. 

I started crying and panicking thinking something had happened to our sweet some as I wasn’t feeling any movement. We called the hospital. They said to come right in, I still couldn’t stop crying and worrying and your dad kept telling me to relax, everything would be okay. 

The drive to the hospital was the scariest moment of my life. I didn’t feel his sweet kicks or any contractions the whole way. I think my body was in shock and the contractions didn’t phase me anymore. My husband sped the entire way, holding my hand and telling me it would all be fine, he even ran a red light, woops! 

When we got there they set me up to the non stress test, his heart rate was dropping with every contraction. They didn’t know where the blood was coming from but the ultrasound showed my amniotic fluid was low. Mybhusband and I were silent the whole time and held each others hands only to break the silence with “I love you” every now and then. I was so scared, Mybhusband had on a brace face but he too was terrified. They had the chief doctor come in to assess everything and she said it looked okay. 

As the baby was in distress with every contraction, they gave me medication to stop the contractions until they found out why. I was admitted to the hospital and things were starting. The medication only held the contractions off for a minute or two.

We got into our delivery room at 4:00 and immediately asked for an epidural as the contractions were so strong and painful. At 7:00 I got my first epidural. Before getting it I was vomiting with the contractions because they were so painful. My husband was amazing the whole time and was there for every step of the way calming me and supporting me

The anesthesiologist came and prepared me for the epidural. She couldn’t seem to get past my spine (horrible pain when the needle would hit my bones) and I eventually passed out. She tried again while I was lying down and “successfully” got it in. She gave me my medication and left. 

The midwife started me on oxytocin to speed things along. Oh my god, those contractions were coming every minute and were so painful. At this point, we realized, the epidural wasn’t working. They asked if I wanted another, I declined because the pain from the first one was too much. 
Shortly thereafter the chief doctor came in and suggested that I get it as he didn’t foresee me making it through the delivery without it. So I agreed, another epidural.
At 9:00 I got my second epidural but my heart rate kept dropping so they had to monitor me for quite a while. 
At about 10:30 the midwife increased the amount of oxytocin in hopes to get the baby out, at this time I didn’t feel much, a slight pain down my right leg with every contraction but it was manageable. The baby’s heart rate was steady and dropped from time to time but they insisted that it was okay. 

At 11:00 things started and they asked me to start pushing! The doctor came to help the midwife. After quite some time pushing they said things weren’t getting and closer and that he was looking up instead of down (making the circumference of his head too large to come out of me) with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Both of which no one had seen in the ultrasound a few hours ago. 

The doctor tried pushing him out from above by putting his weight on me. My husband was assisting by pushing my head forward but nothing was helping. Also, my epidural had worn off. They decided that the fastest way to get him out (he was in a lot of distress) would be with a vacuum. They tried a few contractions with the vacuum but it still wasn’t doing the job. So they gave me an episiotomy. Finally after all of that, at 11:37 he made us parents.
He was so beautiful and alert, he had wrinkly hands with really long nails and had the most beautiful cry in the world. My husband and I cried from pure happiness, I will never forget that moment, thank you my son, for giving me the best memory in the world and making us your parents.

In the end, labour was not what I had planned, but this pregnancy and delivery have taught me to have patience and to embrace that not everything in life goes according to my plan. Although it was the hardest thing I’ve been through in my life, I would do it all over again a million times if it meant having Owen make us a family.


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