Don’t get too comfortable

Wow, being a mother has taught me so much. I know I’m only (nearly) 11 weeks into this new role but seriously, the life lessons come daily! And I mean more than just how to manage a million loads of laundry in a week -haha!

All of the lessons aside, the best thing it has taught me is not to get too comfortable.

Seriously, just when our schedule is flowing, I think I’m getting the hang of our daily routines, his schedule changes and I have to re-adjust. 

When I’m getting comfortable with being home (I’m an extreme introvert) we have some appointment of his or meet another new mom to meet with.

When I think I’ve got this new role down and am killing it, something else comes up -whether it’s having to change my diet while breastfeeding, pumping or any of the numerous daily tasks.

When I think about it, these things are expected with a new baby, or a new position but looking at it in the big picture, it’s taught me that I shouldn’t be comfortable with anything in life.

Of course, comfort is glorious, everyone loves being comfortable with life, routines, clothing, work, habits, relationships, anything is nice when it’s comfortable -but, does it do us any good?

The comfort area is like a black hole that sucks the motivation and creativity from our daily lives. Nothing spectacular comes from constantly being comfortable. 

When your routine gets comfortable, you stop doing exciting new things which teach you something or challenge you. When relationships get too comfortable you stop trying which can lead to dissatisfaction on your end or your partners. When work gets too comfortable you start getting bored and become absent, perhaps you stop working to your full potential. When clothing gets too comfortable you start gaining weight -yes maternity leggings I’m talking to you (or is this only my problem?).

You get the point. 

Nothing good comes from the comfort zone and you shouldn’t ever get too comfortable, not as a mother (because things are constantly changing) or in life, because it isn’t productive. 

So while motherhood has opened my eyes, I’m applying it to every aspect of my life and I have noticed some big changes already.

Do you agree with me? Is the comfort zone your culprit too? 

Let me know what you do to avoid the dreaded comfort zone!

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