See ya, Dairy!

Alright, so it has been a while but I’m starting to get into the swing of things. However, as you probably remember post and can understand where I am coming from. I can never seem to get too comfortable without my little guy spicing things up again. So here goes, my third attempt of getting back into a routine, but this time, I will make it work.

Í feel like dairy is such a 2010 topic but I am not going to talk about the usual dairy issues today (how gross it is to eat) because in all honesty, I seriously loved dairy. I tried to go vegan and it lasted all of half a day before I wanted something with cheese on it and living in Europe, the cheese is amazing!

But, I digress, the reason I am writing about dairy today is because I actually have given it up. Like 100% I do not eat a single thing with any part of a cow in it (I never ate beef to begin with). The reason why I was able to actually stick to not eating dairy this time is because of my little love.

At about 6 weeks we started to see a regular pattern of him crying hysterically at about 6:00 pm every night for about 4 hours (this got old real fast!) he would arch his back and you could tell how uncomfortable the little guy was. So I started paying more attention to other things he would do and tried to gather any odd ‘symptoms’. I know most parents would have just said, ‘oh its colic’ but I knew deep down there was something wrong (Hello mothers intuition -its real folks!). So I noticed (well hard to miss) how much he was spitting up, my mom and midwife and anyone I asked about this said it was normal, but I mean, this child was crazy good at spitting up. He also started to get a rash around this time after breastfeeding, it was strictly on his face and would go down after a while but it always appeared after breastfeeding. What really set my mom mode off was when he started having dark, dark, green, slimey stool (TMI sorry non moms -you do not know how important poop is until your a mom). I knew this couldn’t be normal no matter how many people told me it was, it wasn’t. So with these random symptoms I took to the internet since I felt like my midwife and doctors weren’t taking me seriously.

The first thing that popped up was Milk Protein Allergy (NO! Not my sweet cheese!). I dug around and it sounded exactly what we were going through -like I could have written some of the posts myself.

So, if you’ve never met someone with a MPA, you’re probably thinking ‘oh, like lactose intolerant’, no, not even close. Lactose can be taken out of the dairy whereas, milk is composed of two kinds of protein, Whey and Casein – which is what people who have a MPA are allergic to, the actual protein itself. These cannot be taken out of milk and is also found in butter or anything than comes from cow’s milk. These proteins also carry through your breastmilk and make their way into your babies tummies.

So the only thing I could do was eliminate dairy from my diet completely and hope that we saw some results. I read that it could take 8 weeks to fully leave mine and my sons system so don’t expect overnight results. But I’m telling you, we saw overnight results! He stopped crying the next day and we have had easy going bedtime routines ever since, he stopped spitting up (COMPLETELY, like no spitting up at all!) after a day, the rashes stopped appearing after about a week and his stool went back to normal after about 2 weeks, so it did take some time to leave our systems but we already saw some improvement the next day!

After eliminating dairy I noticed from time to time his symptoms came back, so I started a diet log and noticed it happened mostly when I ate processed food. So I tried the elimination diet. If you aren’t familiar with the elimination diet it is simply eliminating all allergy foods (eggs, soy, dairy, nuts, wheat, corn, anything that is considered a highly allergen food). So that I did, and his symptoms came back with soy and egg as well. So I have also eliminated those from my diet and we have had no issues at all! He has been a happy camper ever since.

But to be honest, I don’t miss dairy at all! It has been quite an adjustment since we are used to eating it, a lot. But I feel so much better after eliminating it. I feel lighter, my skin feels nicer and I see overall I am much more alert. My husband and I have decided even when I am done breastfeeding, we will not go back to dairy. We feel much better without it!

What are your thoughts? Dairy lover or not? Anyone have experience with Allergy babies?

Thanks for reading! xo



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