Dry Brushing

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is my favorite part of my routine.

It always reminds me of the Bryan Adams song ‘hurt so good’ -Ha, I may have just aged myself. Anyways, it is for real, the stinging hurts but feels so good. Afterwards I feel so energized and my skin feels amazing.

First, let me explain what it is. It is a dry brush, like the one pictured above (comes with plastic or natural bristles, I recommend the natural bristles) which you brush your skin with. It is done in a particular direction, generally starting at your hands and feet moving towards the heart.

There are so many benefits to dry brushing! It helps with lymphatic drainage, helps keep cellulite away by tightening the skin, cleans your pores, exfoliates skin and boosts your energy by encouraging blood flow. With all those benefits, why are you waiting any longer, go out and get started.

If you remember this post, you know I was trying to loose weight, which is when I started dry brushing, nearly 3 years ago. I really found it gave me that extra boost of energy in the morning to help with my work out. It also helped with my cellulite!

All I would do is simply brush my skin before I showered, generally in the shower al ready so any dead skin was going to go down the drain instead of stay in our bathroom. That was it, really!

I also dry brush my face. You probably remember from this post, that I like to try to keep things natural on my skin, especially while breastfeeding and through pregnancy. This is a great way to exfoliate and help energize your skin. I only do it every 3rd day or so, otherwise it is too much for my skin.

To dry brush my face, I simply brush starting near my nose outwards then down my neck. It does burn a slightly but if you’re like me you actually love the feeling!

Lastly, I use it religiously now after having a baby. My skin doesn’t seem as elastic as before baby, even though I did all I could to keep my skin in good health while pregnancy expanded every part of me, it still needs some help and I find that dry brushing really helps tighten my legs, butt, arms and tummy.

Do you dry brush? What areas do you find it helps the most?

Thanks for reading! xo




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