Butterfly park

I try to take my son out every other day for some adventure and some excitement. Although I am an extreme introvert and could stay home everyday and not have a problem, I know how much O loves to meet new people and experience new things.

But of course, its challenging to find something nearby (you know from this  post he has some serious car issues) which is baby friendly. Luckily for us there is a butterfly park 20 minutes from our house.

It is so beautiful and really neat for both him and I (and my husband) they have a few different animals besides the butterflies but mostly it is just a tropical paradise with beautifully colored butterflies flurttering by (and landing on you if you’re lucky).

I have taken him there quite a few times and also brought some friends and family along with us, everytime we go, they seem to have new breeds (is it called breeds with butterflies?) of butterflies and everyone is always impressed.

So I thought since I can’t bring all of you along with us, I would bring them to you. Here are some of the beautiful butterflies we’ve been able to catch on camera. There’s still the most gorgeous blue kind that I am trying to snap a pic of but they are too fast, follow along on my instagram and I’ll post a pic when I have finally been luck enough to get one!


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