Butterfly park

I try to take my son out every other day for some adventure and some excitement. Although I am an extreme introvert and could stay home everyday and not have a problem, I know how much O loves to meet new people and experience new things.

But of course, its challenging to find something nearby (you know from this  post he has some serious car issues) which is baby friendly. Luckily for us there is a butterfly park 20 minutes from our house.

It is so beautiful and really neat for both him and I (and my husband) they have a few different animals besides the butterflies but mostly it is just a tropical paradise with beautifully colored butterflies flurttering by (and landing on you if you’re lucky).

I have taken him there quite a few times and also brought some friends and family along with us, everytime we go, they seem to have new breeds (is it called breeds with butterflies?) of butterflies and everyone is always impressed.

So I thought since I can’t bring all of you along with us, I would bring them to you. Here are some of the beautiful butterflies we’ve been able to catch on camera. There’s still the most gorgeous blue kind that I am trying to snap a pic of but they are too fast, follow along on my instagram and I’ll post a pic when I have finally been luck enough to get one!


The Perfect Dress

Ladies, we all know the struggle to find the perfect dress. An even added struggle if you are breastfeeding/loosing weight/pregnant/having your period, the list in endless. But look no further, I have found THE  perfect dress.



It is comfortable and is easy to dress up or down. I am able to breast feed in it and it is stretchy enough for an expanding belly. It is the perfect length too, its right above the knee making it comfortable and classy without looking like a grandma.

The added bonus, its only $18.00!

It really is pure perfection, now if only they had more colors available.

Have you found the perfect dress?

xx Thanks for reading!

Meal Prep Mondays

Having a baby with multiple allergies (the list keeps growing, you can read about it here) has been challenging. Allergies mean not being able to just purchase store bought food, or get snacks on the go (or any snack for that matter), not being able to simply give him food off our plates or letting him eat anything without a package which states ALL ingredients.

The number one thing our allergist told us was to not let him eat any store bought food. He informed us that here in Germany, the companies do not have to list all ingredients in baby food if it is under a certain amount of a product in it. All baby food (with the exception to Nestle) use fillers such as soy or milk in their baby food, both of which my son is allergic to. On top of it, it is so, so, so hard to find baby food which isn’t a mix of things (the doctor told us to stick to single food groups for a while).

So with all of this information (aren’t we bombarded with info once we have a baby, it seems so intense to me at times) I am making his food at home. I really enjoy it though, and even before he was born and we found out about his allergies, I intended to make his food, so it’s not a big deal.

In order to get it all done (moms are amazing at that!) I have compiled a few tips for other mamas out there who are interested in tackling home made baby food or who have babies with allergies.

Added note this is strictly for making and preping purees. My son will only eat pureed puree, meaning nearly liquid. He is not a fan of any lumps, chunks or textures yet. I will do a post on food prep once it has changed and I am no longer making purees.

First, get a steamer! It has been such a time saver. Second, get a industrial size blender, preferrably one which is silent (ours is Bosch Silent mix and it is seriously amazing, we can blend things while he’s sleeping and he won’t hear a thing!). I was gifted a baby bullet (which I wished for and wanted so badly) but and thoroughly unimpressed. It is so loud and you can only puree such small quantities, plus it takes forever to get to a good consistency. Don’t waste your money, or space on your registry for it. My tip, get a good blender with glass instead of plastic.

Once you start foods you typically only do one at a time. So buy a significant amount so you aren’t having to make food every other day. I always make quite a bit and freeze all of it and take it out in the morning when I know I will need it (and what I will need).

Speaking of freezing, I cannot recommend the infantino squeeze pouches enough. They are so good for freezing and are so easy to feed with and are nearly mess free. The are easy to fill, defrost within minutes and are meant to be thrown away so you don’t feel bad when you throw them out. (Although I do resuse some of them when I know they were filled with something my son isn’t allergic to.)

So, now that we have all of devices out of the way, lets get started with making the food.

Whether you go organic or not, its the same process, usually peel, cut, steam, blend, put into bags/storage device, let cool, freeze or refrigerate.

As I mentioned, I always make a significant amount. I do the 4 day rule with new foods so I keep enough for 2 days in the fridge and then freeze the rest. Every other day I take out in the am and let it thaw out in the fridge then put the bag in warm water when hes about to eat it.

You might be thinking (if you’re a fellow allergy mom) that it’s a waste if he’s allergic and you make so much food. Yes, but I have friends that will gladly take my deliciously home made baby food off my hands if it turns out my son is allergic. Or you can always make something for yourself with it. The pros outweigh the cons here as you won’t be cooking every other day.

I usually pick one day a week to do it all, and its usually Mondays. I start with his favorites (at the moment its yam and banana/plum) and then I make the new food.

This week I have made enough for the whole week, plus the new food. I always make enough of his favorites in case he has an allergy to the new food.

Here is what I made this week:

6 yams, 5 banana/plum and 6 cubes of zucchini, zucchini being the new food here.

You’ll notice that the zucchini is not in a pouch. I do this to be able to really see how much he has eaten in case he gets a reaction. I also do this as it makes it easier to get rid of should he be allergic. Also, I don’t like using the pouches in case he has an allergy, since I won’t be able to reuse them afterwards.

I generally don’t keep food in the fridge for more than 48 hours (depending on the food if theres meat in it I only keep it in for one day, all fruit and veg I keep for 2 days). I keep food in the freezer for 1-1.5 months. Generally it doesn’t get the chance to stay in there for that long.

Lastly, I will generally only let him have a pouch openfor half a day. If he’s teething and doesn’t really want to eat solids, I will let him slowly eat from a pouch until he’s finished or after about 5 hours. Then I dump it out and wash it with hot water and soap then let it air dry or I will throw it out. If I am feeding him from a frozen cube, I will put the cube in a glass cup, and the cup in a bowl then fill the bowl with boiling water. It heats up the cube in a few minutes and it’s ready to eat!

As you can tell, he seems to like it too!

Note, this is what works for my family, it may not work for you and that’s fine. Every mom/family has to do what works for them.

Do you make your food at home too? Or buy store bought, what is your experience? I love hearing other thoughts on food.


Why doesn’t anyone talk about it?!

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it?! -and by ‘it’ I mean post pardum emotions/thoughts/feelings/change -whatever you want to call it. Post pardum hormones are real, and it’s so frustrating that no one warns you about it.

During pregnancy everyone told me to be prepared for birth (it was a valid point) be pelted for sleepless nights (have yet to have one of those) be prepared for a hard adjustment delivery (it was okay) but no one, not one single mother, friend, family member who had babies informed me of the darkness of post pardum hormones. Why?!? 

I didn’t have bad thoughts about hurting myself or my precious new human. I didn’t have thoughts of going crazy or anything that intense. But I definitely had about 5 days where I wasn’t myself. 
I cried, oh man did I cry. For no reason, like nothing at all, and yes, sometimes I cried from pure happiness but there were numerous times where is was a sad, depressing cry. My husband didn’t know what to do or how to help me, and to be honest I didn’t either. 

If was almost like an outer body experience where I knew it was silly of me to be crying and I knew that it was because of my hormones but I couldn’t stop. It just needed to happen, and I was legitimately sad.

I didn’t tell anyone about this dark time (other than my husband, who I probably wouldn’t have told had he not experienced it with me) I kept it to myself and tried to get over it alone.

Why did I keep it to myself, you ask? 

Because I didn’t want to be judged. That’s what we do, we judge women, especially mothers, ESPECIALLY new, vulnerable mothers. I knew that people would think I’m a bad mom or I couldn’t properly care for my child. 

But more importantly I didn’t tell anyone (not even my mid wife) because I seriously thought I was the only one who was experiencing it because NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THEIR EXPERIENCE. 

I know not everyone gets these feelings and not everyone is affected the same way. Some are completely fine, and some suffer severe depression which lasts forever. I still have days where I fee like my emotions or hormones are off and I speak about it openly with my husband and it helps me immensely! 

I asked myself why my opinion had changed, why did I fee like I should talk about it? 

– it was because of a friend of mine (who had a baby shortly after me) opened up and informed me of her situation (5 months later). She didn’t want to open up earlier because she felt crazy. That she too was the only one who suffers from this. But she isn’t, and it took me months to convince her of that, how messed up is that?!

To be honest, this is still a hard post to write because I know some will judge or think I’m crazy and so be it! If this post will help at least one woman out there in knowing that she isn’t alone with her feelings, then it will be worth it one hundred times over! 

Ladies, if you’re suffering at all, seek out someone to talk to -a friend, partner, medical professional. Anyone. But more importantly know you are not alone, it is normal and you will get past it!

What was your experience after birth?

Ladies, we can’t win.

I have had this discussion with so many people lately, men and women, and in general, the men begin thinking I’m crazy but in the end agree with me, whereas the women, they just know where I’m coming from.

Ladies, we can’t ever seem to win. Let me explain.

You may remember from this post, my son is allergic to dairy, soy and eggs, all of which he was getting exposed to through my breastmilk. So of course, being a loving mother, I cut these out of my diet all together so the little guy wasn’t suffering. My husband decided to too, in order to be supportive, and believe me, I know I have an amazing husband! But oh my god, you should hear the praise he gets!

The other day I heard someone say how easy it is to be a good dad and how easy it is to be a bad mom. OH. MY. GOD. I had literally never thought of it but it is so true.

Going back to the pregnancy, of course, we have a million and one appointments to go to for check ups etc. and of course, us women go, to make sure our baby is okay in there. It is nice if your partner can tag along, right? But why do they get praised so much for taking a few hours off work (which we women also have to do, my employer doesn’t give me the day off for fun because I have a pre-natal appointment)? I mean people were telling me how lucky I was for having my husband come, uhm, its his child too!

Also while I was pregnant I gave up drinking alcohol, duh, and my husband did too out of support (I know an awesome guy) but you should have heard how much he got praised, and still does! If I were to have had a sip of wine, I would be considered a horrible mother, meanwhile men can go out drinking and still be amazing fathers, but if they give up alcohol they’re saints!? What the?!

Don’t even get me started on the household issues. I will admit, I have barely cooked since having O. I will cook on weekends from time to time but generally my husband cooks dinner for us (which he did not before baby). The reason for this is that we want to enjoy dinner together, without crying, eating faster than ever to avoid a melt down, etc. We want to talk and feel like we’re still married. This means that while I bathe O (yes, we bathe him every night, more on that another time) my husband is cooking dinner, for us to eat together, in calmness, to enjoy our time together while the baby is sleeping. So many people feel that it is the womans position to cook and clean, which okay, maybe it was a million years ago, but in our marriage, in 2016, we share responsibilities and treat eachother as equals. That means no one is above cooking or cleaning (although I will NOT take out the garbage.)

Lastly, why do we women get judged regardless what we decide to do. When the time came to decide if I would go back to work, I didn’t even want to ask people their opinion because I just knew everyone would have their own, and in the end, judge me for what ever decision I decided. If a mother goes back to work to provide for her family, shes considered a bad mother for not spending time with her children. If she were to stay home, she’s considered lazy for not contributing -either way, we cannot win!

I decided to go back to work part time, in the evening when my husband is home. That way, I am still here to feed my son, put him down for a nap if my husband can’t and see any major milestones he would have, while still contributing to our financial situation. I am proud that we are living comfortably and it is with my contribution as well. I have also decided to start my MBA in October, which will require additional time to myself. Some may think this is selfish of me, in fact, my own mother told me not to do it. But I know we can never give our children the life we want if I don’t continue to pursue my goals. I know that I have a lot on my plate and I am willing to get up early, stay up late and not take naps while my son is napping, just so I can enjoy the time I have with him during the day.

Moral of the story, if you are a wife, mother, employee, friend, or woman of any title, you have most likely been judged on a decision you’ve made. I wish it weren’t like this and I hope so badly that our daughters live in a different time where we aren’t torn between the stay at home mom generation our parents were versus the independent women era and can pursue what ever their goals, dreams and passions are. But in the meantime, ladies, do you, do what’s right for your marriage, family, friendships, yourself without even considering the judgment because there is absolutely no way we can win everyone over. If we can go to bed happy with our decisions then we’ve made the right one!

Thanks for reading! xo

To Shave or not to Shave

I was always skeptical to shave my face, because, well, my mom always told me ‘once you shave the hair always grows back thicker.’ Blah, bore, old school thought!

After doing a lot of research and getting tired with the peach fuzz on my face, I gave in and tried it.

Let me tell you, it is a game changer! I have been doing it for just over a year now, I started just be for the wedding and I will never, ever stop!

First things first, there are a few rules to it. Do not shave your face with a normal shaver. Us women have very fine baby hairs on our faces, these need delicate shavers.

This is what they look like.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Only go around your jawline and upper lip, don’t ever go above the nose. I have never tried it but I have heard horror stories. So I stay below the nose and am particularly careful around my ears/hair line.

The benefits?

Getting rid of those tiny hairs seriously makes your foundation go on like a dream! Any time I have an event or something coming up, I shave before hand and my makeup goes on flawless.

Shaving also helps exfoliate your skin and gives it a baby like appearance.

Lastly, don’t shave too often, I do it about once a month to avoid making my skin too dry and to let it grow in well enough (they grow so slowly).

Have you tried it?

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is my favorite part of my routine.

It always reminds me of the Bryan Adams song ‘hurt so good’ -Ha, I may have just aged myself. Anyways, it is for real, the stinging hurts but feels so good. Afterwards I feel so energized and my skin feels amazing.

First, let me explain what it is. It is a dry brush, like the one pictured above (comes with plastic or natural bristles, I recommend the natural bristles) which you brush your skin with. It is done in a particular direction, generally starting at your hands and feet moving towards the heart.

There are so many benefits to dry brushing! It helps with lymphatic drainage, helps keep cellulite away by tightening the skin, cleans your pores, exfoliates skin and boosts your energy by encouraging blood flow. With all those benefits, why are you waiting any longer, go out and get started.

If you remember this post, you know I was trying to loose weight, which is when I started dry brushing, nearly 3 years ago. I really found it gave me that extra boost of energy in the morning to help with my work out. It also helped with my cellulite!

All I would do is simply brush my skin before I showered, generally in the shower al ready so any dead skin was going to go down the drain instead of stay in our bathroom. That was it, really!

I also dry brush my face. You probably remember from this post, that I like to try to keep things natural on my skin, especially while breastfeeding and through pregnancy. This is a great way to exfoliate and help energize your skin. I only do it every 3rd day or so, otherwise it is too much for my skin.

To dry brush my face, I simply brush starting near my nose outwards then down my neck. It does burn a slightly but if you’re like me you actually love the feeling!

Lastly, I use it religiously now after having a baby. My skin doesn’t seem as elastic as before baby, even though I did all I could to keep my skin in good health while pregnancy expanded every part of me, it still needs some help and I find that dry brushing really helps tighten my legs, butt, arms and tummy.

Do you dry brush? What areas do you find it helps the most?

Thanks for reading! xo




See ya, Dairy!

Alright, so it has been a while but I’m starting to get into the swing of things. However, as you probably remember post and can understand where I am coming from. I can never seem to get too comfortable without my little guy spicing things up again. So here goes, my third attempt of getting back into a routine, but this time, I will make it work.

Í feel like dairy is such a 2010 topic but I am not going to talk about the usual dairy issues today (how gross it is to eat) because in all honesty, I seriously loved dairy. I tried to go vegan and it lasted all of half a day before I wanted something with cheese on it and living in Europe, the cheese is amazing!

But, I digress, the reason I am writing about dairy today is because I actually have given it up. Like 100% I do not eat a single thing with any part of a cow in it (I never ate beef to begin with). The reason why I was able to actually stick to not eating dairy this time is because of my little love.

At about 6 weeks we started to see a regular pattern of him crying hysterically at about 6:00 pm every night for about 4 hours (this got old real fast!) he would arch his back and you could tell how uncomfortable the little guy was. So I started paying more attention to other things he would do and tried to gather any odd ‘symptoms’. I know most parents would have just said, ‘oh its colic’ but I knew deep down there was something wrong (Hello mothers intuition -its real folks!). So I noticed (well hard to miss) how much he was spitting up, my mom and midwife and anyone I asked about this said it was normal, but I mean, this child was crazy good at spitting up. He also started to get a rash around this time after breastfeeding, it was strictly on his face and would go down after a while but it always appeared after breastfeeding. What really set my mom mode off was when he started having dark, dark, green, slimey stool (TMI sorry non moms -you do not know how important poop is until your a mom). I knew this couldn’t be normal no matter how many people told me it was, it wasn’t. So with these random symptoms I took to the internet since I felt like my midwife and doctors weren’t taking me seriously.

The first thing that popped up was Milk Protein Allergy (NO! Not my sweet cheese!). I dug around and it sounded exactly what we were going through -like I could have written some of the posts myself.

So, if you’ve never met someone with a MPA, you’re probably thinking ‘oh, like lactose intolerant’, no, not even close. Lactose can be taken out of the dairy whereas, milk is composed of two kinds of protein, Whey and Casein – which is what people who have a MPA are allergic to, the actual protein itself. These cannot be taken out of milk and is also found in butter or anything than comes from cow’s milk. These proteins also carry through your breastmilk and make their way into your babies tummies.

So the only thing I could do was eliminate dairy from my diet completely and hope that we saw some results. I read that it could take 8 weeks to fully leave mine and my sons system so don’t expect overnight results. But I’m telling you, we saw overnight results! He stopped crying the next day and we have had easy going bedtime routines ever since, he stopped spitting up (COMPLETELY, like no spitting up at all!) after a day, the rashes stopped appearing after about a week and his stool went back to normal after about 2 weeks, so it did take some time to leave our systems but we already saw some improvement the next day!

After eliminating dairy I noticed from time to time his symptoms came back, so I started a diet log and noticed it happened mostly when I ate processed food. So I tried the elimination diet. If you aren’t familiar with the elimination diet it is simply eliminating all allergy foods (eggs, soy, dairy, nuts, wheat, corn, anything that is considered a highly allergen food). So that I did, and his symptoms came back with soy and egg as well. So I have also eliminated those from my diet and we have had no issues at all! He has been a happy camper ever since.

But to be honest, I don’t miss dairy at all! It has been quite an adjustment since we are used to eating it, a lot. But I feel so much better after eliminating it. I feel lighter, my skin feels nicer and I see overall I am much more alert. My husband and I have decided even when I am done breastfeeding, we will not go back to dairy. We feel much better without it!

What are your thoughts? Dairy lover or not? Anyone have experience with Allergy babies?

Thanks for reading! xo



Don’t get too comfortable

Wow, being a mother has taught me so much. I know I’m only (nearly) 11 weeks into this new role but seriously, the life lessons come daily! And I mean more than just how to manage a million loads of laundry in a week -haha!

All of the lessons aside, the best thing it has taught me is not to get too comfortable.

Seriously, just when our schedule is flowing, I think I’m getting the hang of our daily routines, his schedule changes and I have to re-adjust. 

When I’m getting comfortable with being home (I’m an extreme introvert) we have some appointment of his or meet another new mom to meet with.

When I think I’ve got this new role down and am killing it, something else comes up -whether it’s having to change my diet while breastfeeding, pumping or any of the numerous daily tasks.

When I think about it, these things are expected with a new baby, or a new position but looking at it in the big picture, it’s taught me that I shouldn’t be comfortable with anything in life.

Of course, comfort is glorious, everyone loves being comfortable with life, routines, clothing, work, habits, relationships, anything is nice when it’s comfortable -but, does it do us any good?

The comfort area is like a black hole that sucks the motivation and creativity from our daily lives. Nothing spectacular comes from constantly being comfortable. 

When your routine gets comfortable, you stop doing exciting new things which teach you something or challenge you. When relationships get too comfortable you stop trying which can lead to dissatisfaction on your end or your partners. When work gets too comfortable you start getting bored and become absent, perhaps you stop working to your full potential. When clothing gets too comfortable you start gaining weight -yes maternity leggings I’m talking to you (or is this only my problem?).

You get the point. 

Nothing good comes from the comfort zone and you shouldn’t ever get too comfortable, not as a mother (because things are constantly changing) or in life, because it isn’t productive. 

So while motherhood has opened my eyes, I’m applying it to every aspect of my life and I have noticed some big changes already.

Do you agree with me? Is the comfort zone your culprit too? 

Let me know what you do to avoid the dreaded comfort zone!

What you learn living abroad

Living abroad has taught me so much. Not only about myself but how I see the world and others.

2008 was the first adventure I went on, I moved to Germany. I was a fresh 19 years old and went out to experience something new. This was probably one of the loneliest times of my life. I was completely alone and everything was it of my comfort zone. Long story short, I ended up leaving a few months early as I was so incredibly homesick.

After moving back to Vancouver I realized that I didn’t quite belong there anymore. I was stuck between needing adventure but also a sense of comfort.

After a few years in Vancouver, going about my daily routine, I met Sven -the love of my life (you can read about how we met here). After knowing each other for a few weeks we decided to move to Germany together in 2011. It was a tough few months in the beginning but it has turned out wonderfully and I couldn’t imagine living in Canada at this stage in my life.

So, I have experienced living abroad on both spectrums, the “I dislike everything and am lonely” side as well as the “I have a wonderful support system and am thriving in a new culture” side and here’s what both situations have taught me:

  • That I need to have a sense of comfort regardless of where I am. This can be a routine, a person (my husband) a comforting dish, or even similar surroundings.
  • How to speak another language, this is a given, of course after living here for 5 years and having in laws that don’t speak English, learning German was mandatory -and boy am I ever happy that I did! It didn’t only allow me to communicate with people but truly understand the culture. Knowing someone’s native language also gives you insight to their personality or why they have done or do the things they do. This doesn’t only go for an individual (although it really helps know someone on a personal level) but also the culture as a whole.
  • That I will always be learning the language. Even when I have become fluent, there has always been a special situation arise which proved that I still have things to learn. After moving here and becoming fluent, I took a driving course and learned German words for car parts that I didn’t even know the English words to! Or now, being pregnant, I’m still learning new words for medical procedures or situations. At times it feels like a never ending battle, but I am always interested at what I’ll learn next.
  • That I love being by myself. This may sound weird, as if I should know this already at the age of 27, but it really took moving abroad, and being alone to realize that I enjoy being. Just being, doing nothing or day dreaming or people watching. Regardless of what I’m doing, I love my own company, which really makes it easier to enjoy being around people, oddly enough.
  • I am actually an introvert. When I lived in Canada, I was asocial butterfly! I was always out with friends, making new friends and socializing -I was way too comfortable. It took me being in uncomfortable and in infinitive situation for me to realize, I like being alone and in quiet situations more than with people.
  • How to understand people better.
  • How to have an open mind.
  • How to communicate better, this really came with being an English teacher. Having to explain myself or something in general to a group of people with a low level of English, really helped me understand how to communicate effectively.
  • Independence -I think this is obvious, and expected.
  • How to cook. Before meeting my husband I had no desire to cook for myself. I ate out almost every meal, but that isn’t why I learned to cook. Once we moved abroad I ended up missing my comfort food -sushi, shepherds pie, certain dishes from home, that I started to learn how to make these dishes on my own to fill the void. My husband doesn’t complain and every now and then I end up missing home and turn to cooking.
  • How to convert metric to standard. From ovens to measurements EVERYTHING will be a struggle to convert from what you’ve learned everyday in school to what the people around you use -I still have to use cheat sheets and calculators to make sure I’m right.
  • How to convert different currencies in my head. This one is so easy now (as long as I have the up to date exchange rate) that I automatically exchange the rates when shopping online or talking to someone from home.
  • How to get out of my comfort zone -this could be taking public transportation to somewhere new (I hate public transport) or going to a new city on my own to explore. As I mentioned, when I lived in Canada I was way too comfortable. Being in a country where I couldn’t speak the language got me out of my comfort zone in a big way, which allowed me to learn so much about myself.
  • How not to be defensive. This one is odd, but, while abroad I have realized how patriotic I am. I truly love Canada and am proud to be Canadian. It took many months of hurt feelings and feeling defensive from stupid irrelevant comments for me to understand that I can still be patriotic without getting defensive. I got into a few heated discussions with people who were small minded and would say things jokingly about Canada or international couples, only to now know not to waste my time on an argument with them.
  • How big my home country truly is and how small other countries are in comparison. This one is funny, but it seriously took me a while to realize how truly massive Canada is. When I look at the size of my home province (British Columbia) and that it is twice the size of Germany, the country I’m currently living in, it is mind blowing to me.
  • Similarities within cultures. This one is also strange but in Germany there is a game called “name, city, country” the objective is to think of a letter and find as many objects that start with that letter. I have played this game with other Canadians and groups of Germans, only to find that no matter how different the people within the cultures are, they all think of the same objects with the letters chosen. There were Canadians I’ve played with that I didn’t know before hand, or would consider us to be completely different, and we still had the same answers, it is really interesting!

So there we have it, what I’ve learned from living abroad. What are things you’ve learned from travelling/living abroad?


Stay tuned for part 2 -what I’ve learned being in an international relarionship.


Thanks for reading! xo