Honeymoon Video in Bora Bora

As you all know, from this post, we went to Bora Bora for our honeymoon.
It was such a wonderful trip, here’s a video recap of our time there.


The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

As you know, we got married this past year and one of the funnest parts of wedding planning was picking out bridesmaids gifts. They helped me so much with the planning of the weddings that I knew their gifts had to be great to show them how much I appreciated all their effort and help, plus, I LOVE getting gifts for others which I know they will love.

I absolutely LOVE Kate Spade (who doesn’t?!) for bridesmaids gifts, they have the cutest idiom line that are great ideas for keepsake pieces. I also love gold, if you didn’t notice from our wedding colours -gold, white and black, so anything gold, white or black was a contender for the gift.

I knew I really wanted to get some kimono’s for the girls as we were having the hair stylist and makeup artist come to the hotel and wanted cute pictures of us getting ready. I also knew I wanted to get them some jewelry which was similar to mine. They had one sided over the shoulder black dresses so necklaces were out and I ended up going with tear drop diamond and gold earrings which looked lovely with their hair pulled back.

I also got my bridesmaids little golden clutches to keep some of their things in for the evening. I don’t think they ended up using them throughout the night but I am happy they have them to use in the future and, hopefully, be reminded of the awesome time they had at our wedding!

I am all for getting your wedding party small gifts to show them they are appreciated, not only do they end up putting in a lot of effort to help, but they also have invested money into different aspects, clothes, shoes, hair and makeup. For us, some of them even flew across the world to be with us, so it was important for us to thank them with something special that they could use once the wedding was over.

Here are the items that I was debating about getting:

Bridesmaid gift

Long Kimono // Gold Clutch // Statement Earrings // Luggage Tag //Heart of gold Bangle // Passport Holder // Sparkly Clutch // Satin cover up // Best Friend Ever Bangle // Crystal linear earrings


But in all honesty, weddings are EXPENSIVE, so if you can’t afford much, don’t worry about it. No one joins a wedding party for the gifts, they are there to help and support you on your big day. What matters is that you let them know you appreciate them, how you show them that can be a little something or a heartfelt letter. I also wrote letters to each of my bridesmaids and read them to them before we went to the venue (I wanted to write them in cards, but ran out of time, not surprisingly).  But in the end, I think they know how much I appreciated all that they did for us!

Thanks for following! xo


Bora Bora

When Sven and I first met, we really did the whole 100 questions thing to get to know each other. I am talking asking anything that pops into our heads to really understand the person. One question was ‘where is your dream vacation?’ I answered Bora Bora and he did too! We laughed and said jokingly that when we get married we would have our honeymoon there -so we did exactly that!

The day after our wedding in Vancouver, we had brunch with our families to bring an end to our wedding month (yes, it was nearly a month long!) Right after brunch we headed to the airport to catch our first of 4 flights to get to Bora Bora.

We flew from Vancouver to Seattle, Seattle to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Papeete, Papeete to Bora Bora, then from Bora Bora we we’re picked up by a boat from our hotel which brought us to our hotel. In total it took us 28 hours to get there, but we we’re able to sleep the entire 9 hours from Los Angeles to Papeete. I am talking, sleeping, not eating or waking up at all! It was so great!
Once we got to our hotel (Le Meridien) we were brought to our bungalow over the water and the first 2 days were more or less us sleeping the whole time. We did have a nice dinner at the restaurant overlooking the lagoon the first night but we didn’t do anything for the first few days other than sleep and enjoy our time alone (which we hadn’t had in a month!)
Bora Bora could not have been any better. It was truly paradise and made for the most spectacular honeymoon! It was so romantic. We did quite a few activities, but overall just enjoyed our 2 weeks at the resort.
We went to the main island Vaitape, one day. There we had lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking the harbor, went on a tour of the island, which means we drove completely around the island and up some of the hills to get a better view of the many islands and beautiful ocean. The main island was nice, but after one day we didn’t need to go back. If we were there on a humanitarian trip it would have been nice to get to know the locals better, however, for a honeymoon setting, the main island wasn’t what we were going for.
We also went swimming with sharks and stingrays then had lunch on a private island. It was such a great experience, to be honest, I was more afraid of the stingrays than the sharks. The stingrays were so sneaky and would all of a sudden be under your feet, at least you could see the sharks coming and you knew you were toast. Lunch on the island was great! We got to relax and enjoy some Tahitian food -most of which was vegetarian, major plus!
We had planned to go on a sunset cruise one evening, however, there was a swell in the lagoon which meant it wasn’t too safe so they cancelled our trip.
We did the usual kayaking to a private island one day and went paddle boarding -both of which were activities provided by the hotel. We had hoped to do them a few more times, however, with the swell in the lagoon, they encouraged us not too as it could be dangerous.
We also took a traditional Tahitian boat ride with a guide. It was really nice and it gave us the chance to talk to him and get to know what life on the islands was like.
Our hotel also had a turtle rehabilitation center where they help and put new turtles into the ocean. So one day we went and checked out the turtles and saw a turtle feeding. The hotel also had a traditional Tahitian dance show one evening. Of course they pulled Sven and I up to dance with them, which was really funny and a memory we will have forever!
Lastly, we got tattoos to remember our honeymoon. It was a really neat experience where the tattoo artist came to our room and did it on the very last day. But mostly, we just hung out at the hotel, swam in the ocean, relaxed and just enjoyed our first few weeks as husband and wife.
We really recommend Bora Bora and especially Le Meridien to anyone who is interested in going. They have great service and everyone is really friendly (well, everyone in Bora Bora is friendly).

Here are some pictures of our time, stay tuned for a video of our trip!


After 28 hours of flying and a boat ride -don’t mind my hair
View from the airport once the boat picked us up


We were greeted with Champagne on our balcony













This moon ray kept coming under our bungalow, he visited us every few days



I’ve never quite seen sunsets like in Bora Bora











Our Tahitian BBQ on a private island after swimming with Sharks and Stingrays








Here are a few pictures of our time on the main island Vaitape
















Wedding Story-Part 2

So, after our first wedding in Germany, we jetted off to Vancouver the next morning for our second wedding (6 days afterwards) in Vancouver. Of course we had a lot of things to get done, sights to see with out of town guests and wedding details to finish, on top of all the mishaps that were coming up.

The day of the wedding went by way too fast. It was a Friday afternoon wedding, traditional Canadian/American schedule and thinking back, we would have definitely planned it longer than what we had. We had around 100 guests (I have a very big family) and in the 6 hours we had for the wedding, it didn’t seem like we had enough time to greet everyone the way we wanted.

The day started with hair and makeup with the girls, and shortly before the ceremony my husband and I met for more first look photos, it was still really nice, since I had a different dress and a veil (which I didn’t have in Germany) but wasn’t as special as the first time he saw me in my wedding dress. We had photos done on the beach and around the venue before the guests arrived. The ceremony started at 6:00 and was quite short -exactly what we wanted. The weather was perfect, which can be difficult if you’ve been to Vancouver before, you know it ALWAYS rains there; and since we were having an outdoor wedding, it could have turned ugly. But we were lucky and had wonderful weather. After the ceremony we had a cocktail hour while we took pictures with our family. Then we had dinner, speeches and ended the night with a lot of dancing! Again, we didn’t want the night to end, but we were more than excited to go on our honeymoon the next day!

Again, as there are so many wonderful moments that happened, I will leave it to the pictures to describe it.

Stay tuned for a wedding detail post which will be just about the decor, outfits and food and drink details we decided.





























Blissful Bloopers

Having two weddings means having twice the opportunities for things to go wrong! My mindset with planning the weddings was to have everything as detailed as possible so everyone knew what they had to do when (I’m talking down to the last minute -thank you type A personality). I thought that having such detailed plans would mean that I’d be able to relax on the days of the weddings knowing I did everything I could to organize them; and that’s exactly what I did!

Of course, nothing went off without a hitch and they just happen to be some of our favorite memories from our weddings.

Lets start from the beginning. My mother called me crying 3 days before she was to fly to Germany, to inform me that she had broken her foot and was in a cast, and a wheelchair. My first thought was that she wouldn’t be able to fly, seeing as it usually causes swelling and I knew that wouldn’t be good. She was a trooper and came, only needed to be wheeled around for the 2 weeks she was here, and, well, having to be photographed in a cast in one of the most photographed days of our lives. She also, unfortunately, was uncomfortable for most of the wedding activities and couldn’t dance -but otherwise, we were all just happy she was there.

At the wedding in Germany, nearly nothing went wrong except for running a little behind (the hairdressers fault). Overall it went very smoothly, thanks to my meticulous planning -thank you OCD.

However, a few short hours after the wedding, taking a cab to the airport with some wedding guests, we jinxed ourselves by talking about how smoothly everything had gone and how easy it was because after our first flight, it all went down hill.

This story is one for the books, and trust me, I am not exaggerating it! We all met at the airport at 10 in the morning after the wedding (10 of us -2 more were joining us at our layover in Munich) and were eager to get to Canada. We got our first flight from Dresden to Munich and I played some musical chairs between my mom and husband to make sure my mom was okay. As we were landing, my husband said that we were short on time and in order to catch our connecting flight we would have to hurry. So I was trying my best to make sure my mom had assistance and we had a wheelchair as soon as we landed. We all gathered our carry on bags, wheelchair and guests and darted to customs to get through as fast as possible. When we got to customs I realized… I FORGOT MY PASSPORT ON THE PLANE. We handed my mom (in wheelchair) over to our friends, with our carry on bags and everything so we could manage to run through the airport to get there faster. Everyone went through customs and we darted to the service counter (30 minutes left to spare before our flight, now with other guests, left). We waited 10 minutes (it felt like an eternity) for the man at the counter to tell us that they found it, but they weren’t sure if we would get it in time for our flight. So we had to wait (another 10 minutes) and finally he said that my passport was on the other side of customs, waiting at gate 32B. So, my husband had to get through customs, while I waited on the other side, get my passport and throw it over to me to go through customs. He went threw and I started pacing, with 10 minutes left before our flight, with our guests, and our luggage, including my wedding dress departed. After 8 minutes, someone came up to me and handed me my passport, wait what? My husband was on the other side looking for it?? -Meanwhile he had been running from gate 32B to 32A to 24B to 25A who all told him they didn’t have it the next counter did.

After I got my passport I budged through the line up to get through customs. I ran, literally as fast as I could to gate 32B (remembering this is where he was supposed to be) and started yelling and waving my arms like a crazy person to inform my husband I had it and we needed to bolt to our gate 37A.

We ran there, handed them our passports and they asked where my boarding card was.. uhm, on the other plane where my passport was. Well, they printed me a new one, we got on the plane (our guests started clapping, my mom was crying), and before we were even buckled in, the plane took off. I am not making this up! (Funny enough, my husband added in his vows that he promised to carry my passport for all of our flights haha -he still does)

Phew, we thought that was the last of the mishaps, but we were wrong.

Generally, the few days leading up to the wedding went well.

When the day before our wedding came, we packed our things to head to the hotel, upon packing, we realized, we did not have our wedding rings -they were missing from our bag. I started to cry, from all the stress and now even more, and my husband (the savior) said he would go out and buy new ones while I had a day of getting pampered. So off we went, with no further contact as my phone wasn’t working (I completely smashed mine 2 days before our first wedding and hadn’t had time to get a new one.) I enjoyed my day with my bridesmaids and my wonderful husband went and bought new rings. In the evening we met with our family and wedding party at the venue for the rehearsal. When we arrived, my mom was so excited to inform us, she had found the rings in her luggage with some wedding decorations. Great! We had our rings back, we just lost more money and now wasted a day, plus had 4 wedding bands. Nevertheless we had an extra glass of champagne to settle our nerves and still have the extra wedding bands sitting in the jewelry box!

So back to our rehearsal, did I mention our officiant didn’t show up? So my godmother ended up conducting our ‘rehearsal’ it was just the icing on top of our day! We relaxed afterwards at the rehearsal dinner with a few cocktails!


On our actual wedding day, everything went according to plan. We were a little behind schedule (of course) but no major problems.

One of the best memories I have of our wedding in Canada is the top tier flipping off our cake when we cut into it. Nothing like every single guest capturing the expression on our faces haha. My husband just picked the tier back up, plopped in on top and we still fed it to each other as if nothing had happened.






At the end of the night, we had hired limos to bring our guests back to the hotel and one at the very end to pick us up. Just after midnight some guests wanted to leave, only to have searched around the venue for an hour to find no limos. They never showed up, and we had paid in full weeks before the event.
Yes -not only did that mean our somewhat drunken guests had to arrange rides home for themselves, but my husband and I didn’t have a ride back to our hotel! Thank goodness for my godmother who generously made a few trips and brought us to our hotel (although we fell asleep in her car before we got there).
As I said, these memories are some of our favorite and while they’re not picture perfect, we laugh about them all the time. As I am a type A personality (with OCD for details) most people thought I would freak out at the slightest mishap -but I didn’t, I rolled with the punches because I knew I did everything I could to avoid them (crazy detailed planning). So to all you type A brides out there, make as many detailed charts, lists and plans. Ignore the eye rolling or comments from people about your micromanaging and relax on your big day knowing you’ve done all you could have!!

Wedding story -Part 1

Naturally, I have to start off with a wedding recap since it is, after all, what inspired me to start 2 years ago!

Our weddings were so wonderful and crazy! First off, let me add that it wasn’t just A wedding. We had guests from Canada in Germany for nearly a month (think having to sight see and be in vacation mode while doing the final touches on our weddings) then had a wedding in Germany, only to fly to Canada the day after with a dozen Germans and Canadians to do it all over again. We were in full on mode for about a month. Needless to say, our honeymoon was well deserved.

I have split the wedding posts into two posts because they deserve their own spotlight. These pictures are of our wedding in Dresden, we had around 50 guests and it was such a perfect amount, intimate and celebrated with those closest to us. My husband and I met at the church before we had the ceremony to get a few pictures, it was such a special moment for both of us. After a few pictures there we drove to the wedding venue where our guests were waiting. After the ceremony we had coffee and cake (so German) and the guests had a few activities planned while we took pictures. From there we had dinner, followed by a night FULL of dancing! I have never seen some of our friends and family let loose like they did that night. It was a blast and we truly did not want the evening to end.

Of course, there are too many details to go over in one blog post, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking. Enjoy! xo





Our wedding

I haven’t written on the blog in a long time but I have been feeling the need to write something as of late and today, I was really encouraged as my emotions about the wedding have been so overwhelming, on several aspects.

We have come so far with our wedding planning and everything has been so exciting! We have been to Dresden to arrange everything from flowers to meal plans and have almost everything figured out for the German wedding. We will go back a few times before the wedding to arrange the little details before hand of course and I cannot wait to see everything come together!

I was also in Vancouver for four weeks this summer to arrange everything for the wedding there. It was difficult not having Sven with me to make decisions. But with help from my amazing friends and my mother, I was able to do everything I had hoped and the wedding is going to be wonderful!

It is so crazy to think that we have come so far and have already been engaged for 8 months and we have only 8 more months to go! I seriously cannot wait to marry Sven and celebrate with those closest to us!

Although the wedding planning has been so exciting and fun to see our dream day come to life. It also comes with some serious headaches!

One being planning the seating. We have a maximum capacity at both venues and are about two people short of maximum capacity at both weddings, that’s just with our close friends and family, no guests. Therefore, it makes it hard to figure out where everyone will go and how to say no to people when they ask if they can bring their partner (although it states on the invitations exactly who is invited).

The second thing, and this is a BIG headache, is people giving us their opinion. I of all people am one to have an opinion, but as I am an adult, I know that my opinion is not always welcome. I’m not just talking about suggesting that we have smaller center pieces or inviting that long lost cousin, I’m talking telling us that we should not have invited so and so, or that the colours that we chose are NOT suitable for weddings, or the latest, it is completely rude not to allow boyfriends or girlfriends to come to the wedding. I get it, that is your opinion, but please keep it to yourself. This is our wedding, we want the people we love most there, whether or not you like them, love them, or live with them is none of our concern. If we feel they are special to us, they will get an invitation, if not, they won’t. As we are nearing maximum capacity, we want only those there who matter most to us, any partner that you would like to accompany you is more than welcome to come once the dancing starts, as we won’t need to be seated anymore.

Lastly, it is irrelevant what you think of our wedding colours. It is, after all, our day and we have to do what we think will make our wedding day our dream day. Sven and I have made every decision together and we support each other’s opinions and thoughts about the day, not every other persons. Of course we want our guests to have the best time at our weddings and to thoroughly enjoy themselves, but I’m sure you can still have a good time if our flowers are white and our dresses are black.

Although I strongly feel that we don’t have to justify ourselves, as it is, after all, our wedding. I do feel that I have to get these thoughts out of my head, or else we will change plans all together and elope somewhere (just kidding mom..)

In the end, we cannot wait to marry each other and celebrate with all of the people we love, in both countries. These moments will not spoil the excitement of planning our wedding and we will continue do make our decisions how we have been and we are sure that our guests will have a great time at both weddings!


Off topic

A friend of mine suggested that I write some of my funny moments down somewhere as these are the things we will look back and laugh about (thanks for the inspiration Heather). If you know me well, you know I forget EVERYTHING, so I figured the blog would be the best place, although this one won’t necessarily be about the wedding planning. This blog is meant as a place where we can come back to to remember the next year. So, where to begin…

This last weekend was a doozy! We went back to our old apartment (700km away) to finish up there and hand the keys over. So after work on Friday, around 5:00 we headed back to Dresden. When we got there it was around 11:00 and we started to fill the holes in the walls in order to prep for painting the next day. After filling the holes, we thought we would grab the paint from the basement just to be ready first thing in the morning. When we got down there we noticed that the movers didn’t lock our basement door and one of the two barrels of paint was missing along with some painting supplies. What an easy target for someone who was painting their apartment white. Disappointed and tired at 1:00 we went to bed, on the floor as the apartment had no furniture in it. We thought we were in for it and would wake up and wouldn’t be able to move but it was relatively comfortable!

We woke up on Saturday at 6:00 to start painting, we thought it would be early enough to have everything finished by 4:00 as that was when our 30 guests were to arrive for our engagement party. Again, to celebrate in an apartment with no furniture. When I opened the paint barrel I realized that the paint had been sitting for the last three years and was seriously separated. No wooden mixing stick could tackle this number. Sven struggled for about an hour using his hands and metal sticks to break it apart but eventually we gave up and decided to paint using the what was mixed and the clay chunks at the bottom wouldn’t deter us. Saturday was great, Sven painted and I cleaned, we were very optimistic. We were finished around 11:00 which gave us plenty of time to collect the furniture we had rented, the balloons, the cake and to finish the decorating. Our guests arrived between 2:00 and 4:00 and had no idea that we had painted earlier on, it had already dried and the weather was great so we left the doors and windows open to air the place out. It was a great party, everyone mingled, ate and drank and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. It was such a nice way to finish our time in Dresden with family and friends.

Our last guests left around 2:00 and we cleaned up a little and went to sleep, again on the floor. As the Canada vs. Sweden hockey game was on on Sunday at 1:00 we thought we would get up at 7:00 to do some touch ups on the walls, which we had been previously painted, and be finished before our friends came over to watch the hockey game with us. The day started slowly, we had a little bit too much fun on Saturday and what we thought was a great day of painting on Saturday, wasn’t really so, we really had a lot of work left to do! Sven started to take down the light fixtures and I started to finish off some painting. As the liquid Sven had mixed on Saturday was running low, all we were left with was a clumpy clumpy mess! I did what I could, which wasn’t much and Sven decided to take over. We tried to sift out the clumps using numerous gadgets, we tried to add water, anything to fix the clumpiness, nothing worked. One might ask at this point why we didn’t just go out and buy more paint -valid idea, which we would have done in a heart beat, but everything in Europe is closed on Sundays except for the odd restaurant and coffee shop. So we were stuck, with clumpy paint. We also quickly realized that we didn’t have enough paint to paint all of the walls and the ceilings, this was a serious issue as on Saturday we thought we would do all of it so Sven wasn’t particularly careful when it came to the edge of the roof, we had to figure out what to do with the numerous bright white spots on our off white ceiling. The solution was to scrub the paint off of the ceiling, which actually worked quite well, with a lot of effort. Needless to say, we were not finished by 1:00. But our friends came over at 12 and they were more than willing to help us, thank goodness!

We took a break to watch the game, of course, and had pizza and beer, sitting on the floor, watching it from a laptop- I never said it was a luxurious weekend. Regardless how we watched it, it was a great game and I am so proud to be a Canadian abroad, way to go Canada!

Shortly after the game we were back to work! Sven finished painting, our friends Carsten and Marcus and I scrubbed the ceiling and the floors and around 4:00 I realized that we had another issue arise. As Sven had taken down all of the light fixtures, we had no light; so once the sun set, we were doomed! We rushed as fast as we could and really put in all of our efforts and finished around 6:30. We were all full of paint, Sven was practically white, Marcus and I were dirty from scrubbing paint off of the floor and Carsten was almost spotless, although he had a hard job of doing the scrubbing. At 6:30 one of Sven’s groomsmen came over as he had just finished his weekend at the army and wanted to help. Sadly when he came we had just finished but we all enjoyed one last beer together, in the kitchen, in the dark.

We loaded up the car and left Dresden around 7:00, which was really late, we were hoping to leave at 4:00 to get home before midnight but got home shortly after 1:00. We unpacked and headed straight to our comfortable, warm bed, I can do without sleeping on the floor for a while.

When I look back at the weekend I am so proud of everything we did, we pulled off an amazing engagement party with little sleep and overcame hurdle after hurdle with painting the apartment. We really could not have done it without our friends help though, so Marcus and Carsten, thank you so so much! Ihr seit die beste!!

As we finished in Dresden so late and had no lights in the apartment, or course we could not shower or anything to get the paint off of us so we just started driving, We probably looked like the biggest weirdos ever, especially when I had to go to the washroom at a FULL McDonalds with my painting clothes still on and paint in my hair.
It was a bitter sweet weekend to remember. We left Dresden with so many great memories and good friends. There will always be a place for Dresden in our hearts.Thank you for the wonderful last 3 years, Dresden.

Here are some photos of our engagement party. Sadly we had so many guests I wasn’t able to keep up on the mingling and photography, but I managed to get a few. Thank you again to everyone who came and celebrated with us.




The bakery did an amazing job with our cake. Unfortunately, it split coming home, but it still looked great.

Not what I had in mind

I haven’t written a post in a few weeks, for one because we just moved, practically to a new country, 700kms away from our old city, we have 2 apartments to manage at the moment, trying to get settled at the new one while get rid of the old one isn’t the easiest thing to do with such a large distance in between. Aside from that chaos, I have had massive amounts of university to catch up on which I procrastinated about for the last 2 months, so needless to say, the last 2 weeks has kicked me in the butt!

Apart from that, this wedding planning has taken a turn, it is so hard to find venues that we love yet don’t break the bank, like, REALLY break the bank. We want our day(s) to be really special and something we will never forget but we also want to build a house and have children in the future so we cannot justify some of the prices that are out there (keep in mind, we are paying for both weddings completely on our own) so we’ve had a bump in the road in the venue department for the last week.

In the end we have committed to two gorgeous venues. The venue in Germany isn’t actually that which we had most recently thought about but a place that has always had our hearts, this place is seriously elegant and we have had many great memories there. When Sven and I first met, we knew we had something special and of course tossed the idea around about getting married, he told me he had this vision of us getting married at a specific castle in Germany where they had a beautiful vineyard where you could walk up to the top of it and see the whole city. I couldn’t imagine it so thought nothing of it, really. Fast forward 6 months, we were invited to a birthday celebration at a restaurant in a castle in Dresden. Sven told me nothing about this place beforehand other than it had good wine. As soon as we got there, I fell in love and told him we had to get married there. He laughed and told me that this was the place that he had told me about the previous year, and he had always envisioned it for our wedding. However, Dresden has A LOT of castles, more than I could ever imagine, I fell in love with so many castles over the last 3 years that I forgot the charm this one had, you simply cannot describe the feeling there. So after talking to their wedding coordinator we have decided that this will be where we will get married. It has more meaning to us than just being a beautiful castle, this was ‘our’ castle before I even got to see it.

With having chosen a venue for Germany, we knew roughly our budget for the venue in Vancouver. We have justified spending more than anticipated for the venue in Vancouver as it will be more stress to plan it from afar and this venue can provide all services and really has a lot of experience in weddings. It is so important to us to get married on the ocean and so, it will the the Brock House Restaurant. It is such a beautiful venue right near the ocean with a view of the mountains, it really presents everything that Vancouver is about. It has had great reviews and is voted one of the top 10 venues in Vancouver. It is everything that we wanted in a location in Vancouver.

We cannot wait to have the dates booked (at the end of the week)! I think everything will just feel more organised with official dates and places, rather than trying to imagine something without a vision of the venue.

In two weeks we are having our engagement party in Dresden with friends and Sven’s family, it will be so nice to celebrate with everyone as well as say goodbye to our old apartment. We have had so many memories in that city and it will be so nice to finish our time there with 50 of our close friends and family.

So much has changed this year already, but I think there will be more changes in the year to come.



Originally I thought navy blue would be a perfect color to pull off a classic wedding. However, since we’re getting married in May, only navy itself is too dark for a Spring wedding, in my opinion. After discussion with Sven, of course, I think we’ve decided on gold and white with some black accents..mainly the suits and bridesmaid dresses. We want a color that’s timeless and classic and I think white and gold are nice colors for the Spring.

The difficulty I’m facing at the moment is whether or not to use the same colors for both weddings. Overall gold and white work for both a castle and the beach but I think navy details at the wedding in Vancouver and black details for the wedding in Dresden would be nice. On the other hand I want both weddings to be somewhat similar so our guests here and there feel like they were a part of one big wedding. I also think it will help Sven and I feel like we have one wedding and 2 celebrations rather than 2 different weddings. Although it is such a small detail, navy vs. black, I feel like it could have a big impact on our lasting impression of ‘our day’.

I really like the idea of only white flowers with baby’s breath spray painted gold for bouquets and boutonnieres. I also really LOVE hydrangeas and luckily they look gorgeous white.

Some inspiration I’ve found



Gold baby’s breath


Table inspiration, less black though


I love the idea of gold maple leaves. Suits the color theme and adds a Canadian charm.

I am having difficulties deciding on chair covers, whether I like them or whether it looks classier to have a nice cushion rather than chair covers. I worked at a gold course that had weddings 3 days a week so I have seen my fair share of crazy weddings and I saw some hideous chair covers that ruined them for me. If they are good quality they can look very classy but overall I think I’m leaning towards no. With the added color and hideous bow at the back, I just can’t see the appeal, plus, by the end of the night they’re half on half off and look EXTREMELY tacky, I don’t want that vision to be my last thought of how our wedding finished.

Theses are the chairs that one of the venues has. I think they look good with a plain white cushion. It also matches our color scheme. Chair covers would just be too white, maybe?
Is just a cushion too simple for a wedding?

Overall, I feel like planning 2 weddings hasn’t been too difficult. Everyone keeps telling me how crazy I am to be planning 2 but I feel like I have it under control, at this point. Perhaps when the day gets closer it will become more stressful and draining but I am having fun with it! When I research an aspect of the wedding I always look into both Vancouver options and Dresden options at the same time, that way I won’t forget little details here or there. I know some people think 2 weddings is too much, but to those people I ask.. How many of your loved ones were at your wedding? Did you have to have certain people there, such as grandparents, parents, siblings and childhood friends whom you could not have imagined your special day without them there?

If we had only one wedding in Germany my guest list would consist of 5 family members and maybe one friend as most friends are pregnant or have little children who cannot fly yet. If we had only one wedding in Vancouver, Sven’s grandparents, who mean the world to us, would not be able to fly as they are 80 years old. Therefore, two weddings is the only way that we can spend our day with everyone who matters to us.

Next on the list, photography!