Langos Recipe


First off, I want to add that I am, in no way, trying to earn an award for healthiest recipe with this one. In fact, it is probably the least healthy recipe I have made, however, it is delicious as a treat once a year.

This is a Hungarian dish that is served in Germany at the Christmas markets, usually I love the Christmas markets (I’m sure you do too if you’ve been lucky enough to celebrate Christmas in Germany). However, this season, I wasn’t feeling it. The long lineups, masses of people and worst of all for a pregnant woman, the lineup for the washroom was not screaming my name! So we decided to opt out of the Christmas markets this year, resulting in me craving a Langos and having to resort to making one myself.

So if you’re up for some deep fried bread covered in cream and cheese, this is your recipe!

Here’s what you will need for the dough (makes 8 small langos):

2 cups of flour

1 package of instant yeast

200 ml of warm water

a dash of salt

A lot of vegetable oil for frying (I usually use about 2 cups in a large pan)


Here’s what you will need for toppings:

If you’re going sweet you can add Nutella, Sugar and Cinnamon

If you’re going savory, which we do, you will need

250 grams of cheese shaved

Sliced ham

500 grams of sour cream

any herbs or spices (we like paprika, basil, garlic salt, all spice)

many people also put garlic paste on theirs, I have yet to find one I like.

Really, as far as toppings go, your options are endless.


So first, add the yeast to the flour (mix well) and the salt to the warm water (stir until dissolved).


Add the salt water to the flour and, using either your hands or a spoon, mix well until the dough forms a ball. It should still be fairly sticky, but not stick to the edges of the bowl.


Cover the bowl and let sit for 30 minutes.


Flour your working space and roll the dough around so it doesn’t stick too much. roll the dough into a log and cut into 8 pieces (more or less depending on how big you want them, but remember they have to fit into your pan to fry them).


This process is the same for each ball of dough: form it into a ball and pulling from the middle outwards form a circle. Once the shape is starting to form, lay it flat on the floured surface and pull on the sides making the middle thinner than the outer layer. Ideally they should be thin enough to see through them in the middle with thick edges.


Once all the balls are shaped, let them rise again for 30 minutes.


While waiting on them to rise, heat up your oil. Depending on the size of your pan, you will need about an inch deep of oil to cook the dough. Set stove to medium heat and allow it to heat up, around 15-20 minutes. I usually grab a small piece of dough and put it in to see when it starts sizzling, then I know it is warm enough to cook the dough.


Place the dough in the pan and allow it to cook for 10 minutes (or until desired colour). flip it over and cook for another 5-10 minutes, depending on the oil and heat you are using.



I usually heat up my oven and place the fried ones in there (after allowing the fat to drip off of them for a few minutes) to keep them warm.

Once all are done, finish them off with your toppings (we also have salad with them to ease the grease and fat) and enjoy!

These are best served freshly cooked, however, they aren’t too bad the next day if you heat them in the oven.


Throwing the Ultimate New Years Eve Party

NYE party

As you may have noticed from this post, or this post, I am pregnant -very pregnant, like could pop at any second! Therefore, this year, we’ve decided to have a low key New Years and ring in 2016 just the two of us, waiting on our little boy.

However, if we were throwing a party (which we’ve done quite often) here’s what my inspo would be: black, gold and silver. I don’t know about you, but for me, 2015 was a year full of gold! From our wedding to Christmas decor, I have had gold running throughout the year. So, it only makes sense to finish it off with more gold!

Here’s what we would do to ring in 2016 with a bang!

Food: think of something that can take some time and allow everyone to chat among themselves-such as sushi, fondue or one of our favorites, raclettte.

Drinks: champagne, of course! You cannot ring in the new year without champagne. I love
these glasses and top them off with these to finish off the look. We LOVE Veuve but if you opt for something cheaper, I love the glitter covered bottles if you’re up for a DIY.

Have some bowls of chocolate kisses laying around (the silver and gold foiled to stick to decor) for those who may not have a midnight kiss.

Music: nothing sets the tone like some classic lounge music, we love listening to some smooth jazz throw in some Brazilian jazz and the mood is set -The Skinny Confidential has some amazing playlists!

Decor: this sets the tone of the night. I love classic sexy decor for a party. Reuse these gold Christmas decorations and throw in a few black pieces to make them less Christmas and more New Years. I love marquee letters, we had some made for our wedding and they were a hit! Get some to write 2016 and it is bound to be an amazing crop for some pictures. I would totally get this, this, this, and these to make things come together, and of course, balloons, I love these.

Last but not least you cannot forget props! I love sparklers, so have a few on hand for guests to light when the clock strikes midnight. Also grab some traditional New Years crowns or hats to take those cheesy pictures.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of our 2015!!


New Years Eve in Style

Are you guys ready to ring in the new year? We are so excited for what 2016 has to offer us. Somehow I always say that the previous year was so amazing, but they just keep getting better, how is it possible!! 2015 was really good to us. We did so many things, of course the biggest being getting married, but 2016 will out do 2015 by far!

So this week we’re talking all things 2016! First off, how to ring in the new year in style! (When I’m not pregnant) I love getting done up, gold dress, killer heals and some extra thick lashes for new years (if not to ring in the new year, when can you wear sequins?) I love low cuts, backless, sexy pieces to make the night feel glamorous.

However, this year, the sequins and low cuts will not be making an appearance, what pregnant woman wants to literally look like a disco ball? haha.

So this post is for all you non preggo ladies looking to celebrate the new year in style!

Here are some of my favorites, some I have (pre-pregnancy) and some I would definitely buy if I weren’t pregnant for this New Years eve.


I am dying over this Emerald Dress // Gold and Black Sequin Dress // Black and Gold Pumps // Gold Sequin Dress // Emerald Pumps // Black Gold and Silver Dress // Black and Gold Dress // Gold Pumps // Black Sequin Dress // Clutch // Maroon Sequin Dress // Black Suede Heals // White and Gold Dress

What are you guys doing for New Years Eve? Do you already have your outfit planned?

Merry Christmas!

Merry ChristmasI hope every one of you is having a wonderful day where ever in the world you are.

Christmas this year isn’t too exciting for us but will nevertheless be a great few days spent together getting ready for our little boy. We decided this year not to visit family as it would require either an 8 hour drive across Germany or 8 hour flight to Canada, both of which, would be extremely uncomfortable for an 8 month pregnant woman. Instead we are having our own little Christmas, eating cheese fondue, making gingerbread houses, watching Christmas movies (obviously a Christmas Carol) and drinking hot chocolate.

Normally I am a Christmas freak! And I mean FREAK. I take out decorations November 1st and count down the days. But this year, it feels like part of our family is missing (our little boy) and the day that he joins us will feel more like Christmas than December 25th.

We are so excited for next year, to spend our first Christmas as our family of 3!

From us to you, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Decoration Steals

Since it is Christmas Eve, what is more fitting than a post about Christmas decorations. I’m sure that you all have already gone out and gotten gifts (except for those of you who are crazy and are willing to go into a store on Christmas Eve) but these decorations also double as a great gift!

I am all about simplicity when it comes to decorating (hello OCD). I like clean decorations which don’t look like clutter. There is a fine line between Christmas decorations and Christmas clutter. For me, it is about keeping within the same colors and classic pieces. I like to find cheap pieces that look expensive and can be used multiple times. I do not like to splurge too much on Christmas decorations as they only come out once a year.

This year I am loving gold and white combo, add in some forest green and it really feels Christmassy. I have found some great pieces at Ikea and H&M home -their home line is amazing!

Here are some pieces I am currently loving.

Christmas decorations

Half Golden Balls //Pine Candle // Golden Wreathe // Christmas Kitchen Towel // Golden Napkin Ring // Star Deco // White Star Light // Herringbone Throw // Golden Star Top // White Ball // Pine Wreathe // Golden Balls

Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you for reading!! xo