Acupuncture -Part III

If you’ve been following along, part I here and part II here, I had another acupuncture session 24 hours ago.

In short, for those of you who haven’t been following, I’m doing acupuncture to hopefully induce labor as my due date draws closer, reduce labor by 2-3 hours and help with my swelling in my hands.

So, yesterday, we tried a few more needles to see if it would help at all. I had 28 in total, a few more than usual. The general ones in my feet, lower calves and ankles. She also put two in my baby toes, these ones got the baby really moving and pinched quite a bit.

She also put two in the sides of my belly and two in my lower back to induce labor.

And of course, the usual hand points to help with swelling.

Overall, I have to say while I am getting them, I feel that the baby moves more and I get some slight contractions. My hands swell up a lot for about 5 hours afterwards and are very tight and sore. At night there seems to be more pressure in my pelvic region and last night, I woke up every two hours (without fail)!to go to the washroom. My hands are actually feeling quite good! There seems to be a decrease in the swelling, although it may be a combination of the stinging needle tea and acupuncture but I am really happy with the results, they’re still swollen but not nearly as bad as before!

I also had an appointment with my gynecologist last Tuesday and this Tuesday (today). Last Tuesday was my first appointment since the holidays (2 weeks) and he had noticed that the baby had dropped, my mucus plug was almost gone and that labor was slowly starting to happen. I thought this may have been due to the acupuncture. Today, he informed me that I have not dialated nor has he drawn any closer. My mucous plug is gone but nothing has really progressed.

My conclusion so far is that, while I believe acupuncture has helped prepare a few things, it hasn’t influenced labor at all. I think this little boy will come when ever he feels ready, with acupuncture or not.

However, I am still going to do it regularly and see what happens. I am still hopeful that is helps with swelling and shortnens labor.

Another note, there was another mother there who had been having acupuncture since her 15th week, due to back pain and other issues, and she swore that it helped. She was now at 30 weeks and will continue it until the baby is here. So for those of you in a lot of pain, it may help you! For those of you keen to get that baby out, my advice is trust that both your babe and body know what they’re doing!

Thanks for reading along!

Acupuncture -Part II

24 hours ago I had my second round of acupuncture to induce labor (you can find my first experience here).

Obviously, my first round didn’t induce me, quite yet, and I will have it done once a week until he comes.

So, for the second round:

I ended up having a horrible headache all day leading up to my appointment, I really dislike taking medication (especially when pregnant, even though some medication is okay) so I figured perhaps some needles could help.

She put a few extra needles into my legs, 9 in each leg in total, as I am nearing my due date, I can have a few extra pressure points to activate labor. Almost immediately after putting them in my ankles and legs I got a contraction, it was quite a strong one at that.

I was still quite swollen in my hands so we tried them in my hands, once again. They weren’t as painful in my hands as they were last time, I figured my body is just getting used to it. My hands didn’t swell up like last time, however, it wasn’t an instant cure either, they remained the same while the needles were in (unfortunately).

I also mentioned my headache and she put 3 in my head which almost instantly helped my headache.

I had a few more contractions sitting while I was there (30 minutes in total) but nothing regular or, at least, what I assume labor contractions feel like. When I got home I did my usual night routine and went to sleep. This time, I really did go to the washroom a MILLION times throughout the night. While my hands don’t look nearly what they did before I got pregnant, I do notice a decrease in the swelling, hopefully it continues to go down after 48 hours. I also had some more consistent contractions throughout the night, again, nothing regular or increasing in strength, but I do think it is doing something. What I do like is I feel that it is preparing my body, while not pushing the baby out. I believe that my body and baby will know when the time is right (and I am all for that) but a little help never hurt a flee!

I had my weekly check up today at the doctor and there is still some time to go he believes.. but that can all change in a matter of minutes, so we will see.

On a side note, there was a woman there who was 37 weeks, had the usual needles inserted (that we all have) and after about 10 minutes, said she was feeling extremely ill, had the needles taken out and laid down on the floor, so if you are curious about acupuncture during labor, please speak with a professional, this is just my experience.

Anyone have any tips/ideas what worked for you to reduce swelling at the end of pregnancy? I am getting desperate!