Fitness during pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I was on a mission to drop weight for our wedding. I worked out every day and was able to loose a significant amount of weight for the big day. Over our weddings and honeymoon, I didn’t work out (my husband actually went to the gym at the hotel everyday, includingContinue reading “Fitness during pregnancy”

Raspberry leaf tea

I’ve recently started drinking raspberry leaf tea and let me tell you, it is delicious! A woman from my prenatal group told me about it so I got to searching (and asking my doctor about it) and started drinking it almost immediately. Here’s why a few reasons why (for those of you not pregnant): ItContinue reading “Raspberry leaf tea”

Acupuncture -Part II

24 hours ago I had my second round of acupuncture to induce labor (you can find my first experience here). Obviously, my first round didn’t induce me, quite yet, and I will have it done once a week until he comes. So, for the second round: I ended up having a horrible headache all dayContinue reading “Acupuncture -Part II”

Casual Pregnancy Pictures

I really love capturing a moment. I love candid shots as well as shots which have been staged, what I don’t love, are the endless photos of me while pregnant that are, well, needless to say, unflattering. Am I alone on this one? Some days I don’t even feel like putting on makeup and otherContinue reading “Casual Pregnancy Pictures”

Pregnancy Acupuncture-Part 1

I have been waiting to try pregnancy acupuncture for a while now, well, since I was about 24 weeks and heard about the benefits. There are a lot of different kinds of acupuncture you can get while pregnant (to help with aching backs, headaches, any pain you may have, there’s acupuncture to help with) butContinue reading “Pregnancy Acupuncture-Part 1”

What you don’t expect when you’re expecting

Ah, pregnancy, the most wonderful time of a woman’s life. I have truly had a wonderful pregnancy. I haven’t had any health issues, no aches or pains. It has honestly been one of the most wonderful times of my life. But wait a second, it can’t be that easy can it? -of course not, keeping inContinue reading “What you don’t expect when you’re expecting”